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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 12/13/2013 6:22:45 PM EST
I purchased the clip for my P2X Fury 2 months ago, and since then ditched it for a Promethean Lights Titanium clip. I noticed that about 2-3 times a week I would catch myself having to take the tail cap off of the light to readjust the pocket clip or try and bend it back into place after an accidental snag or just constant use. I finally ended up snagging it on my seat belt, which caused it to be so bent out of shape I decided to not even bother trying to bend it back (at this point it was beginning to look less and less as RC had designed it).

To make sense of what I am talking about, you will need to understand that the design is a single piece of steel wire frame. For reference, I found that JerkingTheTrigger had a great image:

The Raven clip had 2 design flaws that I feel led to its malfunction. First, it has a tiny gap in the frame that allows it to fit over the threads of the light. This is OK at first, as it keeps retention on the clip while still allowing you to easily install it, but if you tighten the cap too much, you will notice that the frame bulges out if you don't hold it in place while tightening. The second issue (related to the gap as well) is the method in which they chose to hold the wire together for the portion that bends down to form the part that actually clips to your pocket. They use a tiny piece of metal (with their branding) to prevent the wire from separating at this joint. My issue was not the separation of the wires, but the exact opposite. I found that after a week of use, the pocket clip became bent out of shape (either to one side or lifted up off the light, causing it to clip on to my pocket with less retention). In bending this back together, while also trying to keep the integrity of the mounting portion, the small metal piece no longer served any purpose (wires were slightly pushed together, causing this metal piece to move up and down the clip).

I don't abuse my equipment by any means. I do IT work and support for a company that develops software and cashless systems for arcades and other family entertainment centers. I use my light quite frequently, but nothing close to what I'd consider "hard use". Anyone else have one of these and have similar issues?

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