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Posted: 4/14/2008 6:47:56 AM EST
The picture speaks for itself. Notice the small changes in areas of the breakdown.
More input for the new guys.

Try to put in some info/question and we can learn more of the M1's HistoryWithout input from you guys no one learns

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Thanks again for taking the time and effort to read this data. I hope you have learned a little of the history of the M1 Garand.
ps Could use some hits. I hope to have both sites update in soon. Have fun hope you enjoy and learn.
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Link Posted: 4/15/2008 10:17:38 PM EST
Is this the original gas-trap rifle? Ive only seen bits and pieces of it, but never a disassembled rifle diagram.
Link Posted: 4/16/2008 5:59:44 AM EST
No. This is just one that Mr Garand was working on.
Thanks again
Link Posted: 4/16/2008 8:15:08 AM EST
Dated 10-10-1931

Can you count the changes between this and the post gap trap production model?

Thanks Mr. Clancey for posting this pic here and for cataloging all this info.
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