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Posted: 7/2/2015 8:27:26 PM EDT
I put my early 2000s Ruger 10/22 into a Choate Machine & Tool M4-type stock last week, and added Tech Sights as well. The Choate stock looks like an M1 Carbine got busy with an M4, but it feels very solid and gives a very comfortable cheek weld. The butt has two storage compartment. The pistol grip is hollow so if you could fabricate a cap, it could be used for storage as well. One odd thing is that the sling swivel on the butt is for 1.25" slings, while the swivels on the pistol grip and forearm are for 1" slings. At some point I'll change the front swivel and put a 1.25" sling on it. I have an old GI web sling in the crawlspace somewhere.

I'd previously had the rifle in a Butler Creek folder with a Bushnell Trophy RDS mounted. My 11 y/o daughter wanted to move up to a repeater from her Savage Rascal, and I wanted something with a short enough LOP. With the stock fully collapsed, she can shoulder the rifle with a proper cheek weld and get a good sight picture. I went with the Tech Sights because she likes using irons and didn't want a scope or RDS. I did replace the front sight post with a Hi Viz fiber optic post for AR15s. (At 47, black front sights aren't easy to see as they once were.)

My daughter got to shoot the rifle for the first time today and had a blast.

A better pic of a 10/22 setup like this can be found on E. Arthur Brown's website, here. (I bought the stock and sights from them.)

Aside from the new stock and sights, the rifle has a few other mods:

1. Power Custom hammer, to give a good trigger pull.
2. Slingshot mod to the bolt release.
3. Extended mag catch.
4. Volquartsen LH safety. I'm a southpaw and my kid is left eye dominant, so we both shoot lefty.

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