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Posted: 11/1/2004 4:03:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2004 4:05:40 AM EST by der_Buschmeistermann]
I have a standard 20 inch 870 Magnum but I've always wanted a more tactical type shotgun. I have an opportunity to pick-up a barely used Nova SP 18.5 inch w/ ghost sights for $275. Should I get it or upgrade my 870? (Ghost ring sights, pistol grip/shoulder stock combo and maybe cut the barrel to 18 inches.) Does anyone know where to get this done for a decent price? Thanks.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:41:50 AM EST
I'd opt for the upgrade on the 870 myself, but I have zero experience with the Nova. There are several places arouind who can do the upgrades for you, but other than the barrel cut and ghost rings, you should be able to do the rest yourself with little problem. Be sure and get an oversized safety button as well!
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:46:47 AM EST
I have a Nova, and would recommend it to anyone. It is a great shotgun, email me if you have any questions about it.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 5:39:54 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 10:59:28 AM EST
I love my Nova with ghost ring sights. I use it alot for 3-Gun matches. I also have several 870's in different configurations that are wonderful. I really think it is a personal choice and that either will work very well for self-defence. Try a friends Nova and then decide.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 11:50:05 AM EST
I have owned both guns and I hated the Nova. Keep the 870 and spend your money on upgrades.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:20:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/11/2004 6:14:51 AM EST by der_Buschmeistermann]
I've done some research and decided to keep the 870. I'm sending it to Wilson Combat to have their sights put on.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:25:41 PM EST
Remington 870. The chevy 350 of shotguns.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:30:23 PM EST

Originally Posted By jdgiii:
Remington 870. The chevy 350 of shotguns.

+1 Fuckin A!
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