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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/13/2001 2:53:55 AM EST
i read an article a while back in Gun World a while back about the New Charter Arms 2000. Said they were back making pistols and a Radically new rifle. The rifle is called a Field King..........Well being a black rifle nut, the fact that they were making a stainless rifle with a composite stock with an 18" barrel in 308 which has a compensator really peaked my interest. i had a buddy at a local sporting goods store order one for me. Picked it up a few days later and got it out in the garage to give it a good inspection and cleaning. The first thing i noticed was that the back end of the bolt would rattle back and forth (Sorry i can't tell you how many thousandths of play it has but it is severe). Now the real story begins.....

Prior to shooting it i called them and got some guy and after describing what i was concerned about was advised to send it back. Note how i packed it for later reference--Put it in the original box and put that box into another outer box after wrapping rifle in bubble stuff. Sent it off to them with letter describing my concerns and giving them my email, cell phone, and home phone numbers. Waited a week or so for some response from them and since i hadn't heard anything i called the plant and talked to a guy who said he was the plant manager named Terry. He said it had been test fired but he would give me a call back the next monday after he inspected it and would even replace it if necessary Well monday came and went and no call.

Since then i called almost daily for approx 3 weeks with promises from the staff of a call back from "Terry". At no time during this whole affair did i ever get any correspondence from these people.....no return calls, no return emails, no letters ....no nothing.

Well the other day i called and after checking the girl said the rifle had been inspected and was being returned but "Terry" as always was not available.

Well Tuesday i finally got my rifle back--it is the same rifle i sent them and they had not done a thing to it. By the way, it was sent back by FedEx....The rifle had been put in a shipping box (Not a rifle box that it would have been sold new in and that i returned it to them in), the rifle was in a plastic sleeve with the bolt wrapped in newspaper. it was so shodily wrapped that one end of the box was open. I took the rifle out of the box without even cutting any tape. Inside the box was an invoice type thing (Like you buy at an office supply with no company name on it)

Conclusions for me:
1. The Original Charter Arms is gone.
2. The people make a sorry product.
3. Once you buy from them you are stuck with what you get.
4. I never could speak to owner or whoever but employees i talked to must not give a damn................Dick
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