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Posted: 10/26/2001 7:57:29 PM EDT
Okay, what is it? I'm considering performance and price. I would also like it to work while shooting rifles and shotguns as my current Peltor 29 db muffs does not let me get the correct sight picture with longarms.

Where do I get this wonderful set of active muffs that amplifies the sounds of intruders in my house, lets me get a proper cheek weld on an AR15 or shotgun and then shuts out the sound of the shott.

Price and dealer links appreciated, as well as any personal experience with the devices.

Link Posted: 10/26/2001 9:17:54 PM EDT
EAR internal plugs are great and good for 29dB of reduction. I wear a set of Pro-Ears Stalkers over the top with the sound turned up high. The Stalkers are pretty slim and have a cut on the bottom of the cup to aid in cheek weld. Not perfect but good. They're not cheap at over $150.

Link Posted: 10/26/2001 10:34:59 PM EDT
I have a set of Peltor 6S slimline bought them from Dillon Precision for $130+shipping. These are designed for people who shoot shotguns because they don't interfere with the stock. It uses 2 AAA batterires per ear. I understand that the more expensive 7S is more comfortable but costs more $175(?). I am a cheap SOB i guess. I find that work well, shutting off the high-intensity sounds while being able to listed to a conventional conversation.
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 11:01:32 PM EDT
Peltor ComTac = badass
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 7:51:44 PM EDT
I've got a set of the Dillons, and my father has the Peltor TAC6's, with the price being comparable(price drop on Peltors) I would go with the TAC6's
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 8:42:17 PM EDT

I'm running a set of the Dillons. Have had them replace them once under warranty so far.
OK in normal use, but seem to crap out and make static in the cold. Will let you know how the new ones work out this winter.
Link Posted: 10/28/2001 2:12:37 PM EDT
The Peltor web site is at:
Link Posted: 10/28/2001 2:20:37 PM EDT
There is a pretty good review of the Pro Ears Dimension product on Cruffler:


The review itself is at:
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