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Posted: 2/9/2006 7:52:08 PM EDT
I posted this earlier today in General Discussion by mistake.  

Hope this isn't a dupe. I did a search on all the boards and could not find anything posted previously.

I read an article about this last night in a magazine put out by Barrett Firearms, picked it up at Gander Mtn. This device sounds very interesting. It is basically a small computer that attaches to the rifle scope behind the elevation dial. You enter in your ammunition information and the range to the target, spin the elevation knob until the distance to the target shows up on the LCD display, then just hold the crosshairs on the target and squeeze the trigger.

From what I could put together from the magazine article and a couple web articles, this device will be the best thing for long distance shooting to come out in a long time.

I called Barrett and it should be available for purchase later this year, Nov - Dec timeframe. No price is being qouted yet.

Here are a couple links to articles that provide some info on the device.

Zeroing In

To enable the shooter to engage targets out to 2,500 meters, Barrett has developed an integrated ballistic computer/ riflescope system known as BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System). Historically, long range shooting has been a highly technical endeavor in which the shooter had to make a number of calculations before the trigger could be pulled. These calculations included range to the target, the effects of barometric pressure and air temperature, and the type of ammunition loaded. BORS automatically calculates all these variables, and adjusts the sight reticule accordingly. All the shooter needs to do is enter the ammunition type into the BORS (using touch pads on the BORS console) determine the range (either mechanically or through a LRF) and crank the elevation knob on the scope until the proper range appears in the BORS display. The BORS automatically determines the temperature and barometric pressure, as well as the cant or tilt in the rifle itself, and incorporates these enviro-physical factors into its calculations. Once the proper range has been entered, the shooter need only put the target under the crosshairs and pull the trigger.

The Block I version of BORS is available now, while Block II (which will include an integrated range finder) is expected to become available in '05 with Block III (new optics, Night Vision capable, wide angle, stabilized image) becoming available in '06. Lastly, Barrett believes that the BORS system will be completely compatible with the 200mm air-bursting grenade featured on the OICW and that similar ammunition could be developed for use in the XM-109, as well as adapting the BORS to the OICW, to provide ranging and environmental information to the 20mm grenade launcher.

One such system working in this direction is the Barrett Optical Ranging Sight (BORS.) The BORS automatically compensates for air pressure and temperature and rather than having the shooter count clicks on the windage knob. When making reticle adjustments for range the BORS uses a range display, requiring that the shooter simply (and rapidly) input the correct range. The sight then automatically moves the reticle. While the initial BORS system does not have an integrated range finder, the following version is expected to incorporate one, which will enable to BORS to automatically enter the range and adjust the reticle accordingly.

To complement this “rifle” is a computerized sight called the BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging Sighting System). BORS is specifically designed for long-range shooting at 1,000 meters and longer distances, measuring and compensating for air pressure, temperature, and the angle of the weapon in relation to the target. Precisely compensating for all these factors and successfully hitting the target on the first shot is possible, but difficult. BORS is designed to take all the sweat-math work out of first-round shots, leaving the operator with simply dialing in the distance to target, selecting the ammunition type, and putting the cross-hairs on the target. Future versions of BORS will incorporate a rangefinder, and night vision capability.
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 9:35:55 PM EDT
Quantum-leap shit if you ask me...
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 4:29:06 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 5:18:02 AM EDT
If this is all integrated into a single sight, it's about time something like this come out.

I think Swarvoski tried to do this a few years back.   Include a laser range finder and scope together in one unit.    The things were so damn expensive that as part of the promotion for the scopes they were including Weatherby rifles along with the sight.

An optic that includes laser range finder, an automatically zeroing scope for distance/load/barometric environment would be great.     Would leave the shooter to worry about the wind for the most part.

I wonder how big the device is.   The old swarvoski sights were massive.   It's been a couple years so electronics should be downsized quite a bit.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 8:20:10 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 8:03:03 PM EDT
EOTEC is also working on something like that..I think there was a post in Snipershide Optic section about it......It is reality and uses a small DVD type screen or something. Plug in your bullet load and I think you need to know some other stuff. Then it reads Ambient temp and Humidity...Either you set the dials or it does it automatic for you.

Looking for the article about Eotec but found this
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 1:29:55 PM EDT
This BORS sounds sweet.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 1:46:27 PM EDT
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