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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/17/2002 3:04:41 PM EST
I was over at www.747imports.com And what awesome bb-guns they have! sounds almost too good to be true, has anybody ever bought any of these guns?

Link Posted: 2/17/2002 3:28:03 PM EST
ah yes, airsoft, they only shoot plastic bbs, incase you didnt know.
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 3:47:27 PM EST
I have a somewhat rare collector's item airsoft gun. A Kokusai CAR-15, which is a close copy of a 'real' XM-177 aircrew survival rifle. This is a gas operated gun, and it is very authentic in its detailing. It even strips down to upper and lower receivers like a real M16/AR-15, and on top of that, it's great fun to shoot. Full auto, of course! It even has the correct weight and balance. The only non-authentic thing about it is that the XM-177 was based on an M16A1 upper and lower receiver, while this airsoft gun is copied on an M16A2 receiver set, which was done because Kokusai wasn't offering an A1 receiver set on any model at the time. It does have the 'correct' collapsible stock that looks like a standard A1 stock, only shorter, rather than the more common collapsible stock that's been standard for a long time now.

There should be room for a good airsoft gun in every shooter's collection. It'll allow you to have some full auto shooting fun in your own garage or living room.

Link Posted: 2/17/2002 5:04:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/17/2002 5:18:36 PM EST by Marksman14]
Hey, If you are seriously considering purchasing one of these, send me an E-mail. I sell these things, and have a few in stock right now. I'm more of an enthusiast as opposed to a retailer, so I sell most of my airsofts at a below normal price, and mine come with full trademarks and no orange.

SEARCH FOR AIRSOFT, I wrote a post explaining EVERYTHING about it under a different member name.

Currently, I have 4 MP5's and a few GBB's up for sale. I have an SD5, SD6, and two A4's, all are full metal, and fire around 400fps at about 1000 rounds per minute on the right V's.

If you know someone in IL who you would like to have check out the airsoft guns before you see it, let me know. I brought a few of mine to the Labor day shoot at "the pit" in Ottawa, and 99% of them couldnt tell a difference until they starting yanking levers. Same thing goes for the local gunstore when I advertise them there. I advertise at GAT sometimes.

Basically, we use airsoft as a type of "realistic" paintball. All your "real-steel" tactical equiptment will work with say, spare magazines, and such. It really is alot of fun.

EMAIL ME if you are interested in any airsoft guns at all. Even if you dont purchase one from me, I would still love to tell you about the sport, and maybe guide you to the right places.

Personally, I have an M4A1 replica...full metal, all systema internals, tight bore barrel, RAS system, vertical foregrip, beefy wiring, 12v battery, OKO red dot sight, aimshot laser sight, and about 15 magazines. It currently runs about 1000 shots per minute at about 445 feet per second, and holds pretty damn good groups out to 25 yards. It did cost me about 1.2k though in the end.

The MP5's I have are more of a budget model, because they were a few of the first AEG's available, so more parts are made for them, and they are more common, therefor, alot cheaper.

The MP5's I have for sale are all TM models, with ICS FULL metal bodies, ICS reinforced gearbox's, systema bushings, springs, and gears. All the parts you need to reliably run an AEG of any kind under 400fps. Above that and you need pistons/cyliners, but as long as your under that, all the parts that need reinforcing are reinforced, so they will be 100% reliable as they are.

Even if you dont want an MP5, I can either order a different one for you, or help you locate the one you want for the best price. 747 imports definently does NOT offer the best prices...so feel free to shoot me a mail.

Anyone who is interested, even if not in the MP5's, we're always looking to expand the sport. Especially to person's with firearms experience, as they demonstrate the best handling and knowledge, which is important when introducing a "sport" which uses almost completely indistinguishable replica firearms.

Once again, if anyone should happen to live in northern IL and want to see some of these things in person, including my M4A1, let me know. I have a MK23 GBB, M9, USP tactical, Infinity 5" 1911, and a P99. All awesome peices.
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 8:57:16 PM EST
Hey, thanks for the kind words :-)

After shipping is included in the price, my prices should be right on with wargame club. Hell, They're one of my suppliers :-)

Here's an old post of mine from back in the day...When I was under the name SEAL....
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 8:57:50 PM EST
Hey all, My name is Scott and I am fairly new to these forums. I am
however a veteran airsoft player, and when I ran a seach for airsoft, I
found that some here know about it, own some, or are curious about them.
Please note I am not a retailer, I am just trying to help you all out by
clearing a few clouds.
Airsoft rundown- Airsoft originated in Japan back in the 80's due to
restrictions on guns in Japan. The result is VERY realistic replicas that
often times cannot be distinguished from their "real steel" counterparts,
until the trigger is pulled.
AEG's (automatic electric guns)- these are airsoft guns which use a
battery to power a motor, which turns 3 gears, which draws back a piston
and lets it go, letting the air gathered in the cyliner expel a 6mm
plastic projectile forward, at apx 285 fps (of course, this is for a stock
gun) and at a fully automatic rate of fire, from 700-1000+ rounds per
minute. However, costly modifications and the addition of a systema
(aftermarket company) or PDI (aftermarket company) main spring such as the
M160 or 300% spring can make these guns shoot at 500-550 fps, yet many
airsofters feel that 450 fps is the maximum acceptable velocity. The main
manufacturers of AEG's are Tokyo Marui (which is favored), TOP, and the
recent additions of Airsoft Elite and Classic Army. Older manufacturers
are Toytec, JAC, and a few others, whom no longer manufacture guns. Here
is a list of the Tokyo Marui AEG's
M-16 series: A1, A2, VN model, CAR 15, XM177E2, M4A1/RIS model, SR-16
MP5 Series- A4, A5, SD5, SD6, K, PDW
G3 Series- A3, A4, SG-1, MC51, PSG1**semi auto only
Others- M1A1, SIG 550/551, FAMAS F1/SV, Steyr AUG military/civlian,
AK47/s, UZI
Other Manufacturers of AEG's make guns such as; 4 versions of the M-60,
MP5 series, M134 vulcan.
New guns to be released- FN P90, FN M249
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 8:58:21 PM EST
Please note that the airsoft Vulcan does infact fire at 6000 rounds per
MINUTE, and there is only one known owner in the US
AEG accessories/upgrades. Upgrades are a pain to talk about so I'll make
it short. Unless you upgrade all the internals, your gun will not be as
reliable/durable as it was stock. Of course, I am talking about if you
"upgrade" the parts that affect velcocity, such as the main spring.
Upgrading the spring and doing nothing else has the potential to kill your
gun. Basically, what I am saying is dont buy one of these and put in the
biggest spring available. IF your gun can even fire with it in, the first
few shots will crack open your whole gun***
Systema and PDI are the 2 main upgrade part manufacturers. Of course,
accessories for your AEG's can be found at most gunstores like scopes,
lasers, carry handles (I have a bushmaster carry handle on my M4) and
stuff like that. Specialty airsoft parts such as the tracer unit
(explained below) autoloaders, and suppressors can be had at most airsoft
GBB (gas blow-back): These guns are powered by HFC134a (1,1,1,2
tetrafluoroethane), or HFC22 chlorodifuloromethane with silicon additive
for lubrication purposes, the latter being a stronger gas. GBB's are the
most fun to shoot, and the most common form of GBB's is in the automatic
pistol form. These guns work EXACTLY like real steel pistols. (gas and
BB's placed in real size magazine, loaded into gun in the handle, slide
racked, gas pushes BB forward, slide back and does produce recoil, hammer
re-cocked/next round loaded, repeat until empty, slide locks back via
slide lock lever) There are lesser expensive GBB's out there which are not
as exact as some of the more high end pistols, which if ordered out of
country run from 100-300 dollars. The most popular GBB makers are Western
Arms, KSC, Maruzen, Tanaka, and Tokyo Marui. These guns come in the
following forms: Beretta- M9, 92, centurion, brigadeir, 92 INOX, 92 elite,
84, Cougar, 93r (full auto)
Colt- 1911A1, 1991 black or silver, MKIV series 70 and 80
Walther- P99 (suppressor avail) PPk (suppressor avail)
H&K- MK23 SOCOM, USP .40, USP tacical, USP custom
Strayer Voight INFINITY- 6", 5", 4.3", 3.9" in black or silver
SIG- 220, 226, 228, 229, 230, 232, sigro 2340
GLOCK- 17, 26, 18c (full auto)
Other- DE .50, CZ 75, browning HP, etc
Tracer Unit- This item looks like a suppressor, and basically has a light
in it which is activated when a BB passes through the clear tube. This
does not suppress the gun, or affect velocity or accuracy, but it does
provide a nice little "muzzle flash" or, when using special green tracer
BB's, will give an AWESOME starwars affect...but it does give away your
Spring Powered- inexpensive, not very powerful, nuff said. UNLESS you get
a Tokyo Marui Spring Shotgun, Benelli M3 or SPAS 12, which fire 3 BB's per
trigger pull and are very powerful and fun to shoot. And then the hi-end
single shot sniper rifles...but those are a whole new topic.
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 8:58:53 PM EST
Those are the main types of airsoft guns. Basically, AEG's are all
automatic assault rifles and SMG's, and *most* GBB's are pistols, and the
only really fun springers are sniper rifles and shotguns.
Airsoft guns are basically used for inexpensive yet very fun plinking,
tactical training, and skirmishing in a similar fashion to paintball
(which we laugh at when we all see orange and purple colored guns) yet we
play by an honor system, because airsoft BB's leave no visible markings
behind. Yet when skirmishing, we take all the needed precautions to
prevent injury- eye and face protection, which is MANDANTORY. And because
we play with such realistic replicas, we almost always carry our gear and
spare magazines with us the same way that the SEAL's or the Rangers do.
Many of the hardcore airsofters invest alot of time and money into thier
gear and guns, for example, here is my total loadout:
AEG- Knights Armament SR-16 M4. Base gun- TM M4A1. Additions- Systema KAC
metal body, bushmaster carry handle, tight bore barrel, all systema
upgraded internals, aimshot 6300 laser sight, 4x20 scope, dual magazine
clamp, retractable 4 position stock. Soon to add replica M203 (fires like
spas 12/M3), surefire replica M500A tactical light, C-more flat-top
tactical sight.
GBB- TM M9 (full metal, on order), USP .40 with threaded barrel and
Gear- Woodland BDU set, Eagle Industries tactical vest and thigh
holster/pistol belt combo, M12 holster, Balaclava, ESS CBCAM goggles,
ALTAMA combat boots, BDU cap, Motorola 250/w headset, camelbak hydration
system, 6 spare magazines for the M4, 2 for the M9, 1 for the USP, pistol
lanyard for M9, nomex flight gloves.
Can you say special forces? Cause when you play airsoft, you sure can feel
like a SEAL, or SWAT, or whatever youre into.
LAWS- all airsoft guns come with orange paint on the muzzles, and with
trademarks puttied over. Yes, these guns are so exact that they even have
identical trademarks on them, liscensed of course in japan. However, it is
possible to reverse them both, which is not a good idea because it is a
felony to do so. (nobody does it...really)
Basically, airsoft is a great sport, and I hope this answers some
questions for you all.
US retailers that I recommend:
www.airsoftdepot.net www.midwestairsoft.com
Hong Kong retailers I recommend:
www.redwolfairsoft.com www.dentrinity.com www.wargameclub.com
These are all legit retailers with the best prices around, and with great
customer service and product selection, and they are the best around.
Have fun, and please do it safely.
Take care all,
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 9:16:28 PM EST
Lasty, I CANNOT stress how much fun these things are. My friends and I have a few, and we take these out on private land with a group of guys and have paint-ball fashion games. Absolutely amazing. My M4A1 is so dead nuts realistic, it has most people fooled until they eject the magazine or pull the charging handle.

We do everything from field games to CQB, every scenario you could image....hostage rescue, downed pilot, VIP protection, assassination, and even multiple day outings that involve "covert" style operations, and everything else.

And if any of you guys are going to the "black rifle convention" in may/june, you can count on seeing my M4A1 down there. I remember a fellow board member saying they like to see the kids at the pit *me and my friend* pull these things out and watch us "fill our egos". Funny, but hey, when we both have faux supressors on them, and then get comments on how quiet our M-16's are with the cans, it really is quite funny when people find out were shooting BB guns. *granted they could just look for ejecting shells, cycling bolts etc* but most people dont look for that when they see a "fully automatic" canned rifle.

I dont have to fill up my ego though. I did that when a former Marine at a gunstore picked mine up, and said "nice M4...didnt know they were even available for LEO's yet" I occasionally do demo's at ranges/gunstores.

They definently draw attention, 99% of the time it is very postive.

Please, you have to give these a try. If I can find a place with a better deal than I have for you, I will tell you!!! I would rather encourage people like you to get into the sport even if it means buying from somebody else!!! The 4 new MP5's I have for sale were custom made by me and a friend, they were supposed to be his for when he opened his shop, but he couldn't financially afford it. So I purchased them off him with some of my money, at the price he paid for them and the parts, yet the parts are already in. So you dont have to install anything, and you are still getting a great deal. I'm making about 10 dollars on every MP5 I sell. I can even let you know whats in there, and you can add it all up.

The only reason I want to unload these is because after I get rid of them, USP tactical is on the way.

As it is, I will sell my MP5's for around 300-350, depending on the model 300 for the "A4"'s, and 350 for the SD5 and SD6.

If you want 10 dollars back so I'm not making profit, thats fine :-) Take 10 bucks off.

If not through me though, the sites I listed at the end of my LONG post (as SEAL) has the names of 3 great retailers from Hong Kong.

here they are again


The WGC site, has changed, and I dont know it off the top of my head. But if you order from them, dont get their custom work done. it is NOT good. They did my M4...I had to rebuild the sucker.
Link Posted: 2/22/2002 7:18:03 PM EST
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