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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/11/2002 7:22:56 PM EST
Just saw your pic a page or two back. Nice looking gun. I used to have a Rem. 742 that I used to harvest a couple of deer with. I liked the low recoil with the 30-06 in that particular rifle and it seemed like a nice enough gun to me. My questions, are these guns as bad to jam as everyone says they are? How do the Eagle and Millett mags function with your gun and have you fired several rounds through it? And last, where did you get that cool stock at? I think one of these rifles could be a great alternative to the M1 Garand and some more expensive battle rifles if they work ok. Ten rounds fron an ought six is good enough for me and a few x-tra mags wouldn't be too expensive. I may purchase one of these someday if the feedback here is positive. Guys, feel free to post your thoughts even though this question was directed toward Bus. Thanks.
Link Posted: 3/11/2002 8:05:26 PM EST
Thanks for asking. I love that little rifle.
The gun has well over 200 rounds through it with the standard Remington magazines. No jams.
I have not fired it with the other magazines yet. I wanted to be sure all the standard ones worked first.
Next trip to the range I'll test the other ones. The aftermarket mags don't have the bolt hold open feature, which is simply the follower rising up to stop the bolt.
I'm hoping they feed and function well. We'll see.

The stock is the 870 version with a little bit of filing done to the insert that fits into the back of the action.
The stock works very well and is comfortable on my hands and wrist.
I prefer this type of stock. Got a bit of arthritis in my thumbjoints from years of steering the big wheel. Job related body breakdown. Thumbhole and pistolgrip stocks usually just feel better to operate, for ME.

Accuracy out of this gun has been entirely satisfactory at the 100-yd. range with both 180&220gr. Remington ammo. The 220gr. shot about 3" higher and just as tight as the 180's.
I actually think the 220's are better. It's a wicked combo.

I've dubbed the rifle the "Gunwriters Nightmare":

Short bbl.
Big scope (not necessary).
Powerful round (common, too).
Two piece stock (synthetic to boot).
Autoloading action.
Detachable magazine.
Pistolgrip stock.
All black.

Everything a rifle shouldn't be to a purist.
Guess that says something...

I'd build another one in a heartbeat. Maybe .308, except the carbine is only available in .30-06.

Re the legality, it is legal without the 'flash suppressor/threaded bbl.'
Simply a hunting rifle. Going out with it again this year for deer season.
Good luck.

Link Posted: 3/12/2002 12:31:42 PM EST
Im glad u asked what kind of stock i have a 742 in 308 i'd like to do that to . ive never had any problems out of mine best deer rifle for around here.
Link Posted: 4/10/2002 6:02:14 PM EST
I was so inspired by Busmaster's "modified" 7400 that I went and did the same to mine. It looks identical to his but with blued metal, not matte. I also mounted see-thru sights under a 3X9 Leupold (ironically the same price as the rifle).

What I want to know is, where can I get 10-round magazines for the Rem 7400 in 3006? Anyone?
Link Posted: 4/10/2002 8:54:29 PM EST
Those 10-round current legal limit magazines are made by either Millett or Eagle.
They look exactly alike, except for the company logos.
The magazines should be available through your friendly neighborhood gunshop. Don't let 'em gouge you for the mags, as they are ONLY 10-rds. There are 5-rd. mags, too, for use where magazine capacity is limited to 5 for hunting purposes.
In that case, I'd opt for the factory mag.

Have either of you been out to try your reconfigured platforms?
They kinda just "look right" like that, don't they?
Have Fun.

Link Posted: 4/11/2002 2:17:45 PM EST
Yeah I took mine out this afternoon. Shoots great! Tricking the 7400 out made me enjoy the rifle 100 times more! I was mostly impressed with the see-thru rings for the scope. The stock angles down so that the iron sights are very user-friendly. My cheek/jaw rests on the stock when using the scope, which is fine. I also sanded the stock down so the connection between the stock and the reciever is flush and the space behind the trigger loop is also flush. I'm very happy with this rifle! FuN!

I sighted the scope in at 150 yards...the irons at 50.

BTW I just ordered some high cap (10 round) mags from Cabelas...they're made for the 740, but I'm sure they'll work just fine.

Thanks for the inspiration Busmaster...cheers!!!! The rifle should be made this way in the factory!
Link Posted: 4/12/2002 5:56:38 PM EST
That's great, Hokie.
I'm in the process of changing the rifle back to it's original form...SIN!!!

I want to try it out that way this year for hunting.
Still have to get it together.
Bell&Carlson is going to work with me on the stock as it was shipped to me for a 742, which has the end cap on the forend.
It came in Advantage Camo, which I promptly painted Brownells Flat Black, and had to file the forend to get the cap to fit.
B&C said they'd look at it or exchange it for the one that's made for the 7400.
Either way, I'll get to make it a little hunting carbine for a while.
I can always change it around!
Good Luck.
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