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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/20/2002 6:19:32 PM EST
What options are there for replacement upper/upgrades for the AR-15? What I'm referring to is an upper like the ZM weapons/ Olympic Arms OA-93 that uses an improved gas system, and a different handguard setup. Don't get me wrong, the AR15 is a tried and true system with many years of reliable service, it seems that other system, some dating back 30 years have progressed beyond the technology used in the AR-15.
(Please do not send me hate mail with accusations of heracy)
Has anyone come up with an affordable upper receiver upgrade for the AR I haven't seen? (I have been very busy these last few months)

I'm looking for an upper with the following features:
A: AK47 or AR-18 style gas system (with a piston actually separate from the BC)
B: Easily removable barrel that doesn't require a qualified armorer to install and remove.
C: Free float handguard that doesn't require a qualified armorer to install and remove.
D: Hardpoints on the handguard much like the HK 36 / HK UMP
E: Hard anodized aluminum upper receiver with weaver rail
F: Chrome lined barrel and bore

Is there anything like this that can be purchased for less than an arm and a leg that's made by a respectable manufacturer known for reliability and quality control?
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