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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/5/2002 11:47:58 PM EST
I really think this is the best all around Round there is here is my reasoning.

No matter what rifle its fired from,this is a very versatile round.You can hunt pretty much all the big game in the continantel U.S.A with it.
You can get ammo in any bullet type there is from surplus FMJ's,Trophy Bonded Bearclaws premium bullets,to Ballistic tips and Match grade slugs.

There are better rounds for certain purposes,i believe that the .30-06 is a better all around performer however there isnt as much surplus ammo and M-2 ball isnt getting any cheaper.Plus its been proven 7.62 is naturaly more accurate than the 06.

What do you think?
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 5:06:19 AM EST
I agree with you. I recently replaced 3 other rifles with an M1A for that very purpose and reason. My main purpose for a rifle of any kind is SHTF. Here in FL, we are "shall issue" so a .45 takes care of personal protection.

I got rid of 2 5.56 weapons, which I had for short to intermediate range, and a bolt action in .300 mag which I had for longer ranges.

My match type M1a has the quick multi shot capability of the smaller weapon , as well as the range (at least most of it) of the bolt.

If the SHTF, do I want to fiddle with or drag around an arsenal? Let's see, let me select this one for this situation. Oh, there's someone popping at me from a longer range, better get out the other. For me, simplicity is the way. The one rifle will do everything within the limits of my skill. I'll assemble one set of support parts, and one caliber of ammo ( a few different loads, but obviously all will work in the same rifle). As far as survival, yes it will work for that, too. While I do not hunt, and would do everything I could (including survival vegetarianism) to avoid harming an animal, I am a realist. If it came down to it, either personal danger or starvation, the 7.62 will put down what I need to.
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 1:34:05 PM EST
Hey all, just wanna stir the pot a bit. For survival, I think the .22 is the better overall round. Great for foraging (course, you should be trapping animals, conserve ammo and reduce noise). With a ghillie suit you could set up decent defensive ambushes on most anything, and the Isreali's have shown how effective it can be in urban environments. Now when the burning and looting mob (L.A. SHTF) comes down the street, a .22 won't be the first thing I'll grab, but I could make due it's all I had.
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 7:25:57 PM EST
Yes i think a .22Lr/Mag would be a nice have around rifle.Ammunition is cheap also.Very accurate rifles out there for them too.
Back in the day my grandfather hunted deer with a .22 when he was a kid.But he said after many one shot kills he had to chase one 4 miles he decided to get something bigger he went out and bought a a rifle in .257 Roberts and never ever chased another deer again.
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