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Posted: 12/15/2005 1:43:24 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/15/2005 1:47:21 PM EDT by mike103]
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 2:50:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/15/2005 2:56:21 PM EDT by Dano523]
Looks likes you made out like a bandit, but do let me know of what you think of the 11-87 gas piston and seal ring on the 1100. I did a parts rebuild on my old 1100 (60 K rounds plus) a few years back (didn't need it, but was bored that week end). The one thing that did sour me was the harder recoil from the 11-87 gas set, and ended up putting the old 1100 split piston/seal back in the shotgun to tame the action recoil back down. With your outer mag parked (my 1100 is blued), this may work in your favor due to the added resistance from the park on the tube.

As for the new follower, was the mag tube rusted/pitted and caused excess wear? If so, you may want keep a close eye on the inside of the mag tube during cleaning. Mine had some slight rust (caused some shell sticking feeding problems out of the mag), but it happens when you use the rifle for an oar/goose club, and get stuck in the beyond muddy goose pits for a couple of days without cleaning (read dropping a few shells in the mud and just shoving it into the mag in a hurry as you have a group of birds incoming isn’t great on a shotgun). I ended up just making a steel wool wad on a jig/few cleaning rods and polishing the inside of the tube out to remove the rust.
Note: the shotgun got a couple of lake baths those days to knock off the mud so I could grip the dam thing, so don't just assume that the inner mag tube is going to rust at the first chance it gets.

As for the trigger, might want to stone it up a bit if they did anything to it, and doesn't hurt to adjust the trigger spring a wind or two to get the pull down (mine is set up for a 2.5lb break without creep to match my other shotguns)

I guess that only thing that I really don't care for on my 1100 shotgun is it patterns on the bead, and not above it. I had a chance to pick up a 1100 trap comb butt stock with matching forearm years ago for little over $200 to solve the problem, but figured what the hell since I dam near never shoot it unless I need something to take in less than ideal conditions for the O/U's.

And to add, you know that this thread is meaningless without photos!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 2:51:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/15/2005 2:55:21 PM EDT by Dano523]
Almost forgot, with the shotgun now parkerized, its time to break out the air brush and get a good coating on it. The added taste of moly on the Christmas turkey from the lingering fumes in the oven should go over really well with the relatives .
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 3:34:27 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 7:41:26 AM EDT
686 have the plain receiver design/finish on the receiver, solid web filler between the barrels, fixed trigger/shoe, and lesser grade wood (stepping up to a sporting model gets you a little better wood).

682, upgraded design/ finish on the receiver (read gold inlay),
Double bead sights/straight rib on the trap/skeet models,
Vented web filler between the barrel (brings more life to the shotgun during the swing),
Adjustable trigger shoe (two type of triggers with front/back placement on the shoe)
And worlds apart better grade wood with more of a target fullness feel.

As for the only 686 that is offered in a target model is the White Onyx sporting, which has the tapered single bead rib instead of the straight two bead rib system better for skeet shooting. If you add an adjustable comb to this model, you have to filler plug butt stock screw hole, and use a longer butt stock screw to work with an aftermarket adjustment system. Bottom line is save up for the 682 since it's more designed for skeet shooting with it's few adjustments and sight rib design.

Note: The 682 is still a fixed FCG unit, and does not have bottom barrel adjustments for POI. It's a good entry-level target gun, but does lack the finer points of higher-grade target models.
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 8:27:20 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Dano523:
Almost forgot, with the shotgun now parkerized, its time to break out the air brush and get a good coating on it. The added taste of moly on the Christmas turkey from the lingering fumes in the oven should go over really well with the relatives .

I am drooling now!

Sometimes I wonder how any of us lived long enough to actually grow into adults. You would think our Mom's, Dad's, Sisters or Girl friends would have killed us by now for doing stuff like this?
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 12:06:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/16/2005 12:19:42 PM EDT by Dano523]

Originally Posted By mike103:
I am holding out for a k gun.

Since the K-80 does not have a Drop trigger unit, please tell me this is the shotgun you are holding out for,

Screaming deal on one,
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 6:49:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 5:04:55 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/18/2005 5:06:13 AM EDT by ECS]
I have shot with guys that used Kolars and those are very nice guns. The one linked is nice with all the subguage tubes etc. I have nice Browing 425 O/U but I tend to grab a Beretta AL390 autoloader most of the time these days. The recoil is not as snappy with the autoloaders.
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 2:54:55 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ECS:
The recoil is not as snappy with the autoloaders.

Too funny, the action recoil off of semis really drives me over the edge.

My O/U's don't have any recoil to speak of when shooting target loads, then when I run the same loads threw the auto's, the semi's are just moving all over the place until the action re-locks (read real PITA as I'm getting onto the second target, since If I wait for the action to stop, it just seems like I'm glorifying on the first target break instead of getting onto the second target flight path to break it.

I guess if all comes down to how you break the targets, and since my first break point is before center and my second at center point, guys that shoot slower might not be effected by the action recoil if they have longer swings/break points or tend to watch the target after it breaks for micro second or two while the semi’s settle.
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