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Posted: 9/13/2004 11:50:06 AM EDT

I was able to go to the range yesterday, first time since May. I know, I know. Anyway, I was sighting in two new scopes. Well, both are used, but new to me. And I had a few problems, so I thought I'd ask some questions as I really know very little about scopes.

First rifle, new 16 inch flat top upper. 4x Unertl Hawk scope on high Leupold Mk IV rings so that it's at the same height as the iron sights would be. Went well, a little to the right at first, but within 40 rounds or so I was pretty dang close to where I was aiming, firing 10 round groups. I was sighting in at 50 yards on some paper plates (forgot to take the sighting-in targets with me). Then switched to 100 yards and shot at the swinging metal gong. After I remembered to hold low I hit it. Good. Then set the rifle aside and came back to it about 30 minutes later. Couldn't hit the gong to save my life. Went back to shooting paper at 50 yards and the groups were huge and all over the place. Some shots were right, some were high, some were to the left. Then I discoverd the culprit, the freaking scope ring bases had been shot loose! @$%@%@#!! They were wiggling all over the place.

I assume I can use locktite to fix this from happening? But then the scope is pretty much wedded to the flat top, right? What color loctite should I use?

Second rifle, exisitng preban 20 inch A2 AR. 4x Israeli made Sight Unit, Infantry, Trilux (SUIT) on an Israeli made carry handle mount, non see through. Shot at the 100 yard gong first and noticed dirt flying at 50 yards or so. hmmm...shot again, same thing.

I don't have a manual for this scope (well, don't for the other either), but I lowered the scope down as much as I could on the theory that this would cause the rifle to be raised higher. I was moving the screw labled E and D at the front (muzzle) end. Didn't seem to help at all. Wasn't getting on paper or even the target stand, near as I could tell, at 50 yards, seemed to be hitting dirt about 50-60 yards when aiming at 100 yards. Had the lever set on 250, not 400.

Anyone familliar with the SUIT scope? Any ideas? Ended up taking the scope off and using iron sights I was hitting the gong at 100 yards.

I got both scopes because at the 3-gun match last May I had a real problem seeing the (grey) 12 inch plates through the iron sights at 300 yards. I could see them fine (well, I could see them anyway) with my head up looking over the sights, but then put my head down and look through the sights and they just disapeared, blending into the front sight. It sucks that I couldn't see the plates, but I guess my eyes just suck, so I bought the scopes. As the owner of TacPro said, "If you couldn't see the plates, that's God's way of telling you, 'You need optics!'."

I have an ARMS # 2 A2 carry handle mount and was thinking of putting the Unertl scope on it and using it on the 20 inch A2 upper so that I could use the iron sights for close stuff, scope for distance. Anyone use a simillar setup? Maybe put an Aimpoint or similar red dot on the 16 inch flat top? But, red dots are un-magnified, so that will not help with the longer shots. We shot from point blank out to 300 yards or so at the matches. Although maybe the red dot would not blend into the grey plate like the iron front sight does. hmmmm...I really like the new 16 inch upper, I never noticed how heavy the 20 inch was till I used the 16 inch. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Link Posted: 9/13/2004 11:55:13 AM EDT

I assume I can use locktite to fix this from happening? But then the scope is pretty much wedded to the flat top, right? What color loctite should I use?

BLUE Red will make it a real pain in the A$$ to come off. BLUE will hold just as good, but can be un-done with tools.

Hope this helps some. RED
Link Posted: 9/14/2004 7:59:49 AM EDT

Went out last night and bought a tube.

Anyone know anything about the SUIT scopes?

Link Posted: 9/14/2004 10:05:47 AM EDT
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