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Posted: 12/19/2003 1:20:39 PM EDT
I'm left-handed, and I'm hoping that you good folks can point me to a good replacement grip that fills my shooting hand better than the skinny original grip, and that moves my shooting hand farther back from the trigger.  The original grip allows my shooting hand to be so close to the trigger that the middle pad of my trigger finger wraps over the trigger while shooting.  I'm looking for a grip that moves my hand back away from the trigger far enough so that my finger tip contacts the trigger.  I realize that this replacement grip would not be legal for service rifle competition, so for that, I'll use the issue grip. for other shooting, I'll use the replacement grip (if I can find a good one).  Thanks for your help.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 5:55:57 PM EDT
Get a surplus grip. Sand it smooth. Build up the rear of the grip with whatever you like so it fits your hand PERFECTLY. I suggest Bondo. Sand, shape, shoot, repeat.

This might take you a while, but when you are done, you'll have a real custom grip. paint with Rustoleum camo color paint.

You can make a $100+ custom grip for $15.

Link Posted: 12/22/2003 6:09:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 6:13:02 PM EDT
Brownells or others sell a grip adapter to move the grip back a bit.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 6:44:04 PM EDT
Ergo grip is thinner than the original grip but spaces the hand back.  The G27 grip is an ambi grip I use as it fills my hand better and moves my hand back.  Its still not perfect though but it is better.  The ergo cures one problem and creates another.  There is no left handed SPR grip unfortunately.
Link Posted: 12/23/2003 10:22:48 AM EDT
Thanks, fellas.  I've gotten info. on the Brownells Rite-Pull Grip Adapter, and on DPMS' G27 and Panther Tactical Grips.  I went ahead & ordered a G27 grip, so I'll see if that takes care of things.
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