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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/6/2005 9:07:34 PM EDT
could any one give me a value for these early m16 parts?

I got most of them from a Sarco parts kit.

I have a pre chrome A1 profile barrel, it isn't marked but it has a 12 under the front sight base, its in very good condition, a few scratches and stains. it has the original factory three prong flash suppressor installed. it has an A1 delta ring that shows slightly more ware.

I have another 3 prong flash suppressor.

I have A1 hand, an A1 pistol, and an early A1 butt with no trap door and the swiveling sling mount, the stock is almost brand new condition.

I also have an early a1 upper receiver with no forward assist, it has a box c in font buy the gas tube hole, I think that means its colt. it looks like it was refinished. its black and the finish so flat its almost textured. The sights where switched out with an older gun so they are a little bit shiny, as is the ejection port cover.

Link Posted: 10/7/2005 2:39:38 AM EDT
Well, let's see.

To the average guy, the barrel, being used and nonchrome lined, would be worth $90-$100. An early M16 freak MIGHT be willing to go a lttle higher.

Three prong suppressor: $5

Complete stock/HG assy: $25

Early Air Force contract M16 (NOT M16A1) smoothside upper, if complete, $100 if it's in perfect shape, w/99.9% original finish.

I base these estimates on what I paid vendors for the same pieces about a year ago, both at gun shows, and off the EE section of this site. My barrel, though, was a brand new C MP C type, with a chromed chamber. It came w/everything, including handguards, except the gas tube, and cost me $105. My value estimate on yours deducts for the used status, but adds back in for the earliness factor.

Obviously, these prices are "off the top of my head" estimates. The increasing interest in building early type clones may be an upward factor, but the increasing availability of this early stuff may be a downward value issue.

Link Posted: 10/7/2005 5:53:10 AM EDT
Shamayim sounds like he hit it pretty close.
I agree
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