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Posted: 5/7/2003 3:02:12 PM EST
Anyone know anything of the "SPECOPS" profile M4 barrel?

It is not the gov't profile, but is "turned" down betw. the frnt st. post and the flash sup. and also has small vertical "flats", about 1-1.5"s long at the 3 and 9 pos., about 3-4"s behind the frnt st. post, underneath handguard area.
The other aspects are almost identical to the
h-bar profile under the handguards.

Wes over at MSTN, doubts their actual usage by specops, as the weight is certainly an issue and I fully believe him, but I'd like any other info. I've never read anything about it here and thought you guys pretty much had everything covered.
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 3:31:17 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/7/2003 3:33:28 PM EST by Ahab]
ar15.com member Stottman is a member of a U.S. Special Forces Group and posted here a while ago that everyone assigned to a SF A-team had their M4A1s replaced by the Heavy Barrel M4A1s that you're referring to in Jan. of 2001. The Colt name for this gun is the RO921HB. I don't know about other units (Rangers, SEALs etc.) being assigned the heavy barrel version. Additionally, I read recently that Colt made some other parts to go with the heavy M4A1s (like heavier buffers etc.) These were supposedly shipped at the end of 2002 but I don't know anybody who can personaly vouch for that part. HTH Edited to add: That all said, Wes is the man and is in the know- If he says that shooters are ditching the heavy barrels to go back to the normal profile, trust him.
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 3:34:52 PM EST
The M4A1 barrels are now four ounces heavier, to deal with heat better.
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 8:03:15 PM EST
Where can you get one of these? I thought no one made them.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 3:38:07 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 6:20:10 PM EST
WHEEEW!! I just looked through 6 or 7 pages of posts by KevinB ([hail2]) , to find this picture he had previously posted ; [url=photos.ar15.com/WS_Content/ImageGallery/IG_LoadImage.asp?iImageunq=3088]M4HB barrel and regular M4 barrel[/url]
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 2:15:29 AM EST
That's sort of neat to know. I just sent my Oly 16" HB barrel off to Kurt to get his FFH installed and to turn the barrel down to M4 profile forward of the front sight! Guess it'll look like the barrel posted by notack, with the exception of the flats!
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:07:49 AM EST
There are quite a few out there as to which units that got them I do not know for sure. There were reasons for adopting a heavier contour. Is it markedly better-in some ways yes, but it changes the center of balance further foward.
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