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6/2/2020 2:34:59 PM
Posted: 12/26/2002 6:01:23 AM EDT
okay....Grandpa says he has a coyote problem on the farm and wants me to shoot some.

Sounds like great target practice for my  Bushy AR-15, but I am sure my Q3131A rounds are not the ammo to use for the job.

I hear a lot of talk about varmint ammo here, any suggestions what to use/where to source it?

Thanks for the advice.

Link Posted: 12/26/2002 1:19:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/26/2002 4:14:48 PM EDT
Hit em with that Q3131A.  I have had the best results with FMJ rounds on coyotes M193, Fed A.E. 62gr, my reloads of FMJ, etc.  Vmax has a tendency to explode prematurely on anything larger than a groundhog.   My FMJs have been exiting the yotes sideways.  (They tumble in yote flesh really good)
Link Posted: 12/26/2002 4:36:18 PM EDT
I've had alot of luck with the Winny white box 45gr HP's.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 1:15:08 AM EDT
You might want to check w/ your local or state wildlife dept.  The coyote might be a protected animal in you area.  Though I'm all for getting rid of problem animals, I wouldn't want to see anyone locked up for it.


Link Posted: 1/5/2003 8:07:43 AM EDT
After checking local laws as suggested, go with any round you want. I used to use V-max's, X-bullets and the like, till I nailed a coyote I happened upon while going plinking. I hit him with an M-855 round. Killed him just as dead just as quick as the expensive rounds. Exit hole was pretty impressive. Point is, experiment, and if it fails or you're not satisfied, adapt and learn. Good luck!, song dogs are my favorite thing to shoot.


Link Posted: 1/5/2003 6:13:10 PM EDT
no problem killing coyotes here, there is a $2 bounty on them, and the cattle ranchers want them gone, so there is no problem wandering around to find them.

As to the ammo, I bought a box of Hornady vmax, utramax reload hollowpoints and noslers as well as remington vmax. I am going to head to the range and shoot them all to get a feel for what round seems to work for me...learn and adapt.

Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it.

Link Posted: 1/5/2003 7:11:41 PM EDT
While I'm new here and this is my first post - I am not new to AR's for Coyote hunting. I would suggest that you look at the Black Hills 50 Gr. V-Max with a Velocity 3300 FPS.

Also, check it, but I believe that the MN DNR frowns very heavily on using FMJ for hunting and taking Coyotes......
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