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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/4/2003 10:06:21 AM EDT
A fellow ARFCOM member who lives nearby took me shooting last Saturday. I’m a newbie (still waiting for my first AR15 to come in) and don’t get to shoot that much (yet). Well, we went to a 400 acre farm where he has permission to shoot and it was an AWESOME day! We shot all of the following (all of it his):
.458 SOCOM upper on a Bushmaster lower [A2 stock changed out to A1 Stock]
AR-10(T) .308
5.56mm Bushmaster AR-15 20" A2
Kimber Custom Eclipse II .45ACP
Glock 35 .40 S&W
Browning High Power, 9mm
Magnum Research Lone Eagle Pistol 7mm-08
(sorry, no pics)
Man, the brass was flying everywhere! We shot for hours, even though it didn’t seem like it. Time flies when you’re having fun.

That .458 really kicks! Knocked my earmuffs off the first time! And that Kimber is one sweet pistol. I even managed a couple inside the 10-ring from 25 yards! I also loved the huge fireball from the Magnum Research Lone Eagle. The whole field of view inside the scope turns orange when you pull the trigger. It was also, by far, the loudest firearm.

Thanks, DaveS, for Christmas in August! I don’t know how to repay you (I’m afraid the NightForce 5.5-22x56mm is a little out of my price range! How much does a kidney go for these days? I do have an extra one …)

Of course, now I am going to have get more rifles and pistols for myself ($$$), and 400 acres so I can shoot whenever I want (BIG $$$)! Oh, well. Maybe the kids really only need one meal a day instead of three? I could stand to lose some weight myself …
Link Posted: 8/4/2003 10:15:18 AM EDT
Who got to clean all the guns? Fun aint it???
Link Posted: 8/4/2003 12:02:34 PM EDT
I wnated to help clean the guns, but he said "No." Maybe he just didn't want to take a chance on me messing them up, but I think he was being nice. I think I would have enjoyed cleaning them. And, yes, IT WAS FUN!!!
Link Posted: 8/4/2003 2:03:12 PM EDT
Okay, I am shamelessly BTT'ing my own thread. I think my friend went above and beyond, and I want him to see this.
Link Posted: 8/4/2003 3:03:31 PM EDT
Originally Posted By JimH: Okay, I am shamelessly BTT'ing my own thread. I think my friend went above and beyond, and I want him to see this.
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Saw it when you first posted and heard you thank me more than once while you blasted away on the farm and between bites of Prime Rib and shrimp. It was your day and I will always feel like an ass for forgetting the camera. When your RRA 24" Varminter comes in and we head out to John's Mountain......well hell, we will show off your new and first AR and how ugly we both are. Dave S
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