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Posted: 5/25/2003 9:31:35 AM EDT
I know that there are many, but I would like to put a lighter weight trigger in my Colt 6530 preban. The trigger in it is very heavy, I would say about 6-7 lbs.
I have used the JP trigger & hammer & liked it very much, it broke very cleanly at around 3.5-4 lbs.
I noticed that Jard claims to have a nice trigger also.
Any input will be appreciated.

Link Posted: 5/25/2003 7:27:34 PM EDT
You might also take a look at the Accuracy Speaks single-stage...
Link Posted: 5/25/2003 8:26:16 PM EDT
I like my accuracy speaks. Are you a Framer because that's what I do for a living and I too am from CO.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 5:18:59 AM EDT
Yes, I am a Framer...I live on the western slope. How about you? I will take a look at the accuracy speaks triggers. Where would be a good place to buy one?
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 7:33:03 AM EDT
[img]www.brownells.com/Images/Products/054100015.jpg[/img] [url]www.accuracyspeaks.com/parts.htm[/url] or [url]www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=237[/url]
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 7:58:55 AM EDT
I have a JP and like it a lot. My friend just put a Jard in his Colt. Also a very nice trigger. I have not tried the Accuracy Speaks trigger but would very much like to. I know the Accuracy speaks is the least adjustable trigger because it does not use set screws. However, I also know that because of this it is the most rugged design.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 8:05:45 AM EDT
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[b]Yes, I am a Framer...I live on the western slope. How about you?[/b] That's too bad I live on the front range. I thought maybe I had a new shoot'n budy.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 11:06:29 AM EDT
Hey, can I install this trigger, or do I need to have a gunsmith do it? It says minor fitting required....
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 12:37:36 PM EDT
You can do it yourself but it takes a little wourk and a dremal tool helps. You have to file down the rear of the trigger until the safty will engage. Then I had to file down the front of the disconector untill the sear engaged reliably when I let off the trigger. There are instructions included and many of us here can help too.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 2:22:10 PM EDT
Do any other triggers just drop in, or do they all need a little fitting & tweaking?
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 3:24:57 PM EDT
How long does it take AS to deliver a trigger? Their website order form is kinda funky... it's COD right?
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 3:38:56 PM EDT
Brownell's has the AS triggers in stock.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 5:30:56 PM EDT
Originally Posted By new-arguy: I have a JP and like it a lot. My friend just put a Jard in his Colt. Also a very nice trigger. I have not tried the Accuracy Speaks trigger but would very much like to. I know the Accuracy speaks is the least adjustable trigger because it does not use set screws. However, I also know that because of this it is the most rugged design.
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Well, I'll be......somebody has finally found an AR "something" this guy has never tried out!
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 5:56:32 PM EDT
Accuracy Speaks Single Stage Install Question [url]http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=12&t=157604[/url] here is link to some ealse who needed help with installation.
Link Posted: 5/26/2003 6:16:32 PM EDT
I use JP trigger system with thier JP Speed Hammer in my Bushmaster wiith good results. Here is info and link to them. [url]http://www.jprifles.com[/url] You have probably seen various attempts at trigger jobs onto M15 type rifles using screws through the receiver or welded on the trigger itself. Some actually feel acceptable, at least for a while. However, the sear geometry and metallurgy of the stock parts usually results in losing the sear edge and a trigger that doubles after a few hundred rounds. The JP trigger is metallurgically correct and features engagement and over travel adjustments in combination with completely re-engineered precision ground sear geometry, eliminating most of the hammer camming effect so prevalent with the original parts. Disconnector timing is correct thereby eliminating the fire on release or “doubling” problem, when properly installed. The extremely short reset of the hammer ensures a durable relationship between the parts. The complete absence of take up and over-travel, and incredibly short reset, makes this fire control system the best possible compromise between precision and speed for action or tactical rifle competition. Again, this system is the choice of many professional shooters. Bennie Cooley, Jerry Miculek, Kay Clark/Miculek, Bruce Piatt, Tony Holmes, Don Bednorz, Taran Butler, Kyle Lamb and many other pro level shooters use rifles equipped with a JP Fire Control System. Many well known custom gunsmiths recommend JP components. Three other major manufacturers of these rifles use JP components in their fire control groups. What more can we say? The basic kit includes the trigger, disconnector, special spring set and six pages of detailed instructions supplemented with a 35 minute video on CDROM show how to install, set up, and test the system. If you have a good mechanical aptitude and some basic tools, you can install it yourself. If you do not feel mechanically inclined or just don’t have the time, send us your lower receiver assembly, and we will install the system for you and turn it around in only one week at a nominal fee. No need to wait for months for some other trigger system that will not feel as refined as the JP system and cost considerably more. The JP trigger system is compatible with your original hammer if it has not been altered. However, you may wish to add our high quality JP Speed Hammer for vastly reduced lock time for an even more refined system. We offer three different spring set ups. When ordering direct, you may specify any of the following. JPFC kits purchased from other sources will have the 3LB springs only. 3lb competition/recreational use, color coded yellow and included with all kits. 4lb tactical, also recommended for any AR10 installation. 4.5lb CMP service rifle spring set. JP Speed Hammer The JP Speed Hammer is the perfect compliment for our trigger system. This low mass hammer gives a 50% reduction in lock time for improved accuracy and ignition reliability. It is also compatible with your original trigger parts. This hammer is so fast you can hear the difference when you dry fire. Complete with J spring. JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins are the icing on the cake. Removing all the slop between the trigger, hammer, pins and the receiver results in that extra bit of refinement to get the maximum performance potential out of high grade parts. These tool steel trigger/hammer pins are now available in .156 for small pin and .172 for large pin receivers and feature stainless E clips on both ends for corrosion resistance. Trigger and hammer may have to be reamed for a perfect fit. No modifications to receivers are needed. The down side: installation is a bit more difficult and detail stripping the lower receiver will require a bit IN-HOUSE SPECIAL:Complete JP Fire Control Package with Speed Hammer and oversize anti-walk pins pre-fitted to hammer and trigger, not available any where else: And the best deal of all: Complete JP Fire Control Package professionally installed in your receiver and return shipped within one week, only: JP Tactical Spring kit: Yields 4LB release with JP trigger components and no ignition reliability compromise. Recommended for Military or Police duty rifles or your home defense or “dooms day” rifle. Also required for any AR10 installation. N/C with purchase of kit or installation from JP. JP CMP service rifle spring kit: Yields a 4.5LB release with JP trigger components for CMP legal set up. N/C with purchase of kit or installation from JP. The “Poor Mans” trigger job: I know it’s impossible to please everyone, but we try. If you can’t quite pop for our complete trigger kit, or have too many rifles and can’t justify expensive triggers in all of them, then this may be for you. You can achieve a drastic improvement over stock parts by using a set of our custom trigger/hammer springs and our Triggerpreptm compound. With proper sear and hammer notch preparation, a livable 4.5 to 5.0 smooth trigger in a rifle with standard trigger components is possible. It will not have the extremely short engagement/over travel feel like the JP trigger, but you will have a smooth “roll-off” feel that will give usable trigger control. The spring kit includes trigger, hammer and disconnector spring and complete instructions on how to prep your parts for best results. Or, send in your lower assembly and we’ll do it for you, complete with springs, professional work over of your parts, and return shipping included. JPFC-1 JP File Control Package, .154 small pin receivers $139.95 JPFC-2 JP Fire Control Package, .169 Colt large pin receivers $139.95 JPSH-1 JP Speed Hammer, .154 small pin version $44.95 JPSH-2 JP Speed Hammer, ..169 Colt large pin version $49.95 JPAW-1 JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins, .156 small pins, set of 2 $9.95 JPAW-2 JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins, .172 largel pins, set of 2 $9.95 JPFCP Complete JP FIre Control Package Speek Hammer, Anti-Walk Pins fitted to hammer & Trigger $179.95 Installation: Kit only - no installation n/c Installation: Professional installation by JP $40.05 Pin Size: Large Pin n/c Pin Size: Small Pin n/c JPS40 JP Tactical Spring Kit, 4lb $9.95 JPS45 JP CMP Service Rifle Spring Kit, 4.5lb trigger pull $0.00 JPS3.5 Reduced power spring kit $9.95 JPL-3 Triggerpreptm Sear compound $5.99
Link Posted: 5/28/2003 10:01:31 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By Framer: Do any other triggers just drop in, or do they all need a little fitting & tweaking?
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I just installed a large pin Colt accurized single stage trigger in my HBAR. This is a drop-in, no fitting required, and works with the Colt sear block. I haven't measured the trigger's pull, but it is much better than the standard Colt trigger. It is no KAC trigger, but not bad. It is rated for 4.5-5lbs. I was able to do some nice offhand shooting with it on the initial range trip. Rock River and ArmaLite are also pretty much drop ins, but are 2 stage triggers. I will probably pick up a large pin Rock River trigger when I come across one. Framer, make sure you get a trigger with the proper pin size and that it is compatible with your lower, if sear blocked. I have read that not all aftermarket triggers work well with the Colt sear block.
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 3:31:29 PM EDT
It is Blocked..... I guess that I should have mentioned that, but I didn't think that it mattered...
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