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Posted: 9/22/2004 12:50:07 PM EDT
I am asking, because I have a nice collection of pre-94/UNMARKED standard capacity magazines that I would be willing to sell to people in states where pre-94 magazines are legal, but obviously new ones aren't.

My thinking is to sell these to people in those states for the same price as it would cost me to get a replacement standard capacity no ban magazine that was made after 94. Meaning, if a new USP .40 magazine can be bought for 40 dollars, I will sell my pre-94 USP .40 magazines to someone in an AW state for 40 dollars.

I just want to know who I can sell to. I know some states have their own restrictions on rounds. Can we get a post TACKED with this information to help our brothers in less fortunate states?

I have pre 94/unmarked magazines for USP .40F's, MK23's, Beretta 92's, and obviously a whole slew of AR15 USGI magazines.

I just want to do what I can to help our brothers and piss off the liberals. There are obviously tons of pre94 magazines out there, and I think it would be great to flood the AW ban states with them.

Link Posted: 9/22/2004 12:59:45 PM EDT
Oh!! Oh!!! [hand raised] Pick Me !!!! Pick Me!!!!!

New York State allows preban magazines, and their rifles and pistols too......
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