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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/16/2003 8:49:45 PM EST
As of 10:25pm Pacific Time, the votes against the renewal of the AWB on CNN.com's poll have reached 73% (11259 "No" votes vs. 4169 "Yes" votes) When I left for dinner, the "No" count was at 66%, and I expected some group of libs to take back a percent or two. Instead, the "Yes" vote has gained a mere 433, while the "No" has stampeded forward with an additional 4039 votes!

There is a similar poll taking place on Vote.com, and the results are similar, with the "No" votes leading 80% to 20% (12,256 vs. 3119). Please take a moment to add to that total at http://www.vote.com/vote/60095082/index.phtml?cat=4075633

According to the Vote.com site, the results of the poll will be sent to President Bush, Congress, and the NRA.

In the big picture, these polls will only make a mark if the results are announced by mainstream media outlets. I don't *expect* to see CNN announce these results in my lifetime. So why vote? Each time we band together for something like this, it shows our dedication and intent to persist and prevail.

By dominating this poll, and the others that will surely follow, we deny 'them' a talking point - a poll that, if it had been in their favor, would doubtlessly been trotted out time and time again as proof positive of public support for their agenda.

We must be vigilant over the coming year as the rhetoric intensifies. We must be ready to make our presence felt by the pollsters and pundits. And even if the outcome is in our favor, we must maintain steadfast vigilance forever after.

Keep up the good work!
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