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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/15/2003 10:39:25 AM EST
I asked a couple of weeks ago , and Troy answered much of what I asked - and sir I thank you , but another question on the same bolt carrier, Troy had indicated that there are two types of bolt carriers currently in use one designed for AR15 and one which is legal to use in an AR which is for an M16 my question on these bolt carriers is , Troy mentioned that there are different length ramps, and if I wanted to shorten the ramp by grinding away some of it to expose more of the firing pin would this weaken the carrier in anyway , causing it crack or break prematurely ??
The very first time I fired that particular upper which housed the carrier in question out of 100 rounds I had 4 misfires using Black Hills 55grain fmj the ammunition was not remanufactured , 55grain Remingtons worked great, I switched complete bolts and the AR15 bolt that exposes 99% of the firing pin spool works great even with Black Hills 55 grain fmj so it is not the ammo.The reason I ask is I hooked a buddy of mine up with an upper which I put the bolt carrier in question in, (and incidentally I was informed by RRA this morning that a lower I ordered two weeks ago was shipped out yesterday !! imagine that -on time ?? that was the sound of me hitting the floor) so I am closer to getting him a complete AR, it will be his first I dont want him thinking he got Ganked by me so again will it effect the overall integrity of the bolt carrier to have some of the cocking ramp removed ????
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 12:47:27 PM EST
I was using a Smith Enterprise's carrier for a while, very lightweight with alot cut away. I had an "out of battery" incident at the range ([shock]) that damaged several parts, including having the "open ramp" carrier becoming wedged onto the hammer, and broke the receiver extension. This, of course totaled the hammer and I found that the carrier had cracked along the ramp and verticle wall. I use only M16 carriers in all my rigs now.
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 6:24:09 AM EST
Notack, Cool - bro , ............. thats the sound of me looking around like I missed something ? ? I know I was longwinded in my topic but it was in an effort to be clear .I really need to know .....
Link Posted: 7/21/2003 11:55:35 AM EST
C'mon please - does anyone have any idea about my question ??? Look I haven't even raised my voice to a scream for help-Troy i was hoping you would step in - I emailed you direct but I guess with the thousands of emails you see on a weekly basis .... thanks - anybody HELP !!
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