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Posted: 3/14/2006 1:32:49 PM EDT
Can anyone comment?

Compared to a standard 9V?

How does it do - say in an urban enviro with street lamps - what is the max distance you can really tell what is underneath a vehicle?

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Link Posted: 3/14/2006 2:15:27 PM EDT

You mention the difference between the 6v and 9v lights. I currently run a Surefire M952XM07 on my M4. I wanted to go with a 9v model but Surefire was back ordered for a while and I needed the light rather quickly. Is there an adapter that I can mount to my light to utilize the turbohead. I was also confused about what you mentioned about converting the 6v to a 9v. Is this possible with my model? Thanks.
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Bright - maybe the best way is to just toss this into your court:

I run a very stripped down carbine - standard HGs with a short piece of rail attached to the bottom side - in line with the bore - I have an Insight M3 with a switch. Good enough for indoor, good enough for outdoor with little to no ambient or competing light sources. Blows for lots of street lamps - 50 to 100 yards - and oh by the way what is under that car nearest the street lamp 40 yrds out?

I do not want a lot of weight. I do not have a lot of real estate under the HG and in line with the bore. I want some ummphhh to my light. I am not a fan of vert fore grips.


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What would I be looking at, price wise, to convert my M95 to an M96 or 97 ? By the way...thanks for the pics...that helped out quite a bit. Also...I saw that the M96 and M97 both have 225 lumens. I realize that the throw on the M97 would go out a lot farther. But the majority of the work my rifle does is CQB. The long throw of the M97 would definitely come in handy when making a long approach towards a target (house, building, etc...) but how does it work indoors?
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 3:20:22 PM EDT
This is the beam of the MN11 (High Output) Lamp Assembly in the "M3" bezel
(actually the M900A)

This is the beam of the MN16 (High Output) Lamp Assembly in the "M3T" TurboHead bezel
(actually the M900AB)

The MN11 & MN16 have the same lumen output (225 lumens, 20 minute runtime from three-SF123As)
The TurboHead does a superb job of intensifying the beam so that it can better illuminate targets are longer range compared to the standard bezel.

Note that the beamshots are not mine but they are accurate representations of the beams in my experience.
Link Posted: 3/15/2006 5:45:06 PM EDT
Size 15's,

Thanks for the pics! Nothing clearly explains better than pictures. Much appreciated!
Link Posted: 3/16/2006 4:38:29 PM EDT
Size 15s - Thank you.

Does anyone have a similar pic of a 6v system?
Link Posted: 3/17/2006 5:29:41 AM EDT
My advice is to forget about a 6 volt system, and look at the variety of lamps you can run in a 9P/KT-2 (poorman's M3T):

N2 105 lumens/60 minutes
MN15 125 lumen/60 minutes
MN16 225 lumen/20 minutes

Install an A19 extender to run the 12 volt lamps as a "poor man's M4":

MN60 225 lumens/60 minutes
MN61 350 Lumens/20 minutes
N62 500 lumens/short bursts only

With the KT-1 6 volt Turbo system there are no other lamps to use but the N1 supplied with the conversion, IIRC. HTH.

Link Posted: 3/17/2006 12:14:45 PM EDT
I agree - the KT1 for the 6P is not worth it when the output of the three-SF123A version (KT2) is significantly better (more intense, for longer - meaning better quality light illuminated targets at longer range).

SureFire should have released a "High Output" Lamp Assembly for the KT1 but I guess they realised for the sake of an extra inch on the body the 9V versions were well worth it.

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