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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/21/2002 2:48:17 PM EST
Can my E2e be mounted an my Bushmaster? Or do I have to buy a dedicated weapons light?

I've never liked weapons lights for fear they would be bullet magnets, but realized that I have discretion on their use. In a situation where an unknown bad guy might be in the area, I can keep it shut off.
Link Posted: 10/21/2002 4:24:59 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/21/2002 4:29:08 PM EST by Size15s]
Of course you can mount a SureFire E2e on your weapon but I would not suggest or advise it in the slightest. The E2e is not designed to handle being used as a weapon-mounted flashlight. I know the MN03 Lamp Assembly is very robust but still, I doubt it would last very long (there is no spring contact attached to the MN03 so the batteries will slam directly into the Lamp Assembly. Not a good thing.

I think you need a dedicated WeaponLight intended for use on a firearm. The right tools for the job and all that!

If you don't want to invest in a WeaponLight, get a standard body SureFire such as the 6P and fit a Z32 shock isolated bezel. This will increase the ability of a SureFire flashlight to cope with life as a Weapon-mounted light.

You need to train using the weapon-mounted light as a tool you can use if the situation requires it.

As you say, control of light is knowing when to keep it switched off just as much as when to use it. So low-light classes would be a very sensible idea.

With this in mind, you really need a weapon-mounted light that can handle training and use, and still work when needed for real.

SureFire WeaponLights are designed to handle life on weapons - That's training and actual use (which hopefully should be never)

The E2e is designed to handle life clipped to the inside of your trouser pocket - to be on you when needed. Even when you don't think you'll need a flashlight.

SureFire's product range is vast. There are hundreds and hundreds of more appropriate illumination tools from SureFire for your use mounted on your weapon.

This forum and other like is can help you decide which WeaponLight to get. Models, parts etc
AR15.com can also help you decide what training you'll need to be able to use light to your advantage.

I hope this helps?


Link Posted: 10/21/2002 5:03:50 PM EST

I have about 4,000 rounds through a couple of M-4 setups.

One has a 962-C, the other two have 9Ps in ARMS #22 rings (w/1" inserts), without a isolated bezel.

I have not lost a bulb on any of the lights yet. The 962 does throw a better light pattern, as well. Having said that, if I knew in advance that I was going in harm's way I would take the dedicated 962-C weapons light, Murphy being as he is.

In short, the E2 will work, if that is all you can afford, it is better than nothing. If you go that route, start saving pocket change towards a dedicated weapons light.

Hope that helps.
Link Posted: 10/21/2002 11:06:34 PM EST
Thanks for your well-written and helpful replies, especially Size15s who hit on all my concerns and questions about weapon lights.

I wanted to minimize equipment... and cheap out by using the E2e in dual roles. Thanks for explaining why I need a dedicated light.

I've always resisted getting a weapons light because of my mental image of a guy having it lit at all times in a combat area. But am now understanding the convenience of a rifle mounted light used with discretion.


Link Posted: 10/26/2002 9:31:58 AM EST
Is the E2 the two battery version of the E1 "executive"?

I think the E1, fitted into a lightweight and quick-detachable polymer housing, would be a great home defense AR light.

Unfortunately nobody makes a light mount the right diameter for the E1.

I have used the E1 when shooting at night in the desert. I hold the light between the index & middle fingers of the left hand and activate the light by pressing the tail swith against the front of the AR15's mag well.
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 9:56:39 AM EST
Any of the 1" lights fit into the 1" scope rings, or the 30 mm ARMS #22 Low with a 1" insert very nicely (which makes them a single throw lever QD mount as well!)
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 12:54:12 PM EST

Originally Posted By SF:
Any of the 1" lights fit into the 1" scope rings

But the E1 Executive (so I'm assuming the E2 also) body/housing is only .81"
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 12:58:22 AM EST
imho the E2e wont work in mounts designed for the Z/M/C series surefires...........

Link Posted: 11/10/2002 7:57:30 PM EST
What mount you talking about that will work on m,z,and c series?
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