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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/7/2003 12:23:38 AM EDT
They all produce the same amount of light and have the same features. So why is there such a difference in price between models? Personally, I prefer the G2 for looks and light weight. This happens to be the cheapest one of the three. Is it as good as the other two models? I'm not thinking about mounting one of these on a gun or anything (the Sure Fire 660 I am getting ready to order will cover that), I am just looking for one for personal carry.


-Charging Handle
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 4:18:26 AM EDT
The G2 is SureFire's "entry level" model. It has a Lexan lens rather than Pyrex. It does not have a LockOut TailCap. It does not come with a Lanyard Kit. The G2 is basically a Nitrolon (polymer) version of the 6P. The 6P does have a LockOut TailCap though. The Z2 has an adjustable CombatGrip and Lanyard Kit making it ideal for use with a handgun. The G2Z is the Nitrolon version of the Z2 - adjustable CombatGrip, Lanyard Kit - it also has a Pyrex lens (unlike the 6P & Z2) and LockOut TailCap. The C2 has a PocketClip, CombatGrip and comes in Hard Anodised or standard black finish. It has a Pryex lens and LockOut TailCap. The M2 has a PocketClip, CombatGrip, only in Hard Anodised (HA) finish. It has a Shock Isolated bezel and comes with both the P60 Lamp and the P61 High Output Lamp Assembly. Discontinued (but still sold where there's stock) is the D2 which is basically a 6P with PocketClip. There are still more two-SF123A models: E2e, E2o, A2 and L4. They are a different type of flashlight then the "standard" sized models mentioned above. I suppose that pricing reflects demand for each model. SureFire offer more options then any other brand - there are costs involved with keeping many different products in production/stock. I hope this helps? Al
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 4:48:08 AM EDT
Thanks, yes, very helpful. So, you say the G2 has a lexan lens instead of pyrex, and that the G2 doesn't have a lockout cap or a lanyard kit. I don't need a lanyard since I am gonna carry it in a belt case anyway and not having a tail cap lockout is really no biggie for me. So I guess it comes down to whether I want to pay an extra 20 dollars to get a pyrex vs. a lexan lens? So as of right now, it appears the G2 will be my choice unless you can convince me that pyrex is as precious as gold...lol. Thanks for the help, it certainly seems you are very familiar with Sure Fire and it's products. -Charging Handle
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 8:35:55 AM EDT
My 6P didn't come with a lanyard. Does the 6P have a Pyrex lens? If so why do the Z32 anti-shock bezels have the Lexan lens? BTW charging handle - get a lanyard. If you have to let go of the light for any reason (i.e. you're opening a door) its much easier to get ahold of it again. I use the Surefire plastic holster and the lanyard. FYI the lanyard is a loop of shock cord that keeps the light on/near your hand - its not lanyard to your belt.
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 8:47:13 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 9:35:07 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 12:47:30 PM EDT
Currently, the models that have Pyrex lenses are: M2 C2 G2Z The 6P does not have Pyrex. You can buy Pyrex lens bezels to replace the stock Lexan lens bezel if you want. The G2Z Pyrex bezel can be used on the G2 for example. I've never melted a Lexan lens on one of these sized SureFires - I don't use them that much because I use the latest models such as the A2 and L4. Lexan scratches and ages faster than Pyrex in my experience. The Z32 Shock Isolated Bezel is one of the oldest SureFire parts - it's a Classic WeaponLight part from before the Milllennium Series. The Millennium Series include far higher output Lamp options that produce a lot of hot light. Pyrex is also easier to clean compared to Lexan. SureFire have the M2 bezel in black that has a Pyrex lens. BTW, if anyone would like to see any of the parts I'm taking about compared with each other - please email me (size15s@ntlworld.com) Some friends are working on a gallery I can use which should be up soon too. Al
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 3:33:11 AM EDT
Thanks guys. I may consider getting a Pyrex lens model. At least I will think about it. But after the explanation about what the lanyard actually does and how, I think I may make this a requirement. While I am usually on the cutting edge of information when it comes to the latest weapons and ammunition, I must admit that my knowledge of lights (and my inventory of them) has been pretty poor. Hopefully I can change all that soon though. Thanks again guys. -Charging Handle
Link Posted: 8/9/2003 10:31:44 AM EDT
Pyrex has slightly better light transmission vs. Lexan (~95% vs 88%), if that matters to you (besides Pyrex's superior abrasion and thermal properties). If you get a lanyard, go with a shock cord version, not the SureFire lanyard, which is too long and cumbersome to use. Tailcap vs. bezel lanyard ring is a matter of preference (and possibly dictated by your belt carrier). I personally like bezel mount because the shock cord lanyard mounted at that pivot point allows the light to naturally hang in a position that gives me easy re-grasping for Harries. Basically, the light hangs bezel up with the body of the light just off of my palm. All I have to do is close my fingers and the light is ready for Harries. Go to a fabric store and buy 5/16" diameter elastic cord (in tactical black of course). Tie a small loop to the SureFire lanyard ring. I use a loop that fits around my wrist with just a little slack. I have to stretch the elastic to fit the loop over my hand. That way, the light won't slip off when I let it hang.
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