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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/2/2006 2:49:51 AM EST
I am new to the forums and apologize for stepping over any rules or comitting any fau pax. I need some advice before I go out and spend a good deal of money. When I initially joined these forums and started reading I was deadset on a bushmaster varminter, so far there has been nothing negative about this rifle here so its still very much an option. There are several other competitors like DPMS, RRA, and Olympic Arms, that offer rifles of the same style for less. I know of an Olympic arms dealer that will get my the UM-1 for close to $850. What is a good price to pay for the Varminter and should I pay extra to own it. In life you pay for what you get, and I do not want to sell myself short on a long rifle by not footing out the extra 200$ for the varminter. The lowest price I can find on a new varminter is a grand.

Sorry for the jumble of questions and statements, I just would like to know what the best rout is, and what the best hardware is for under 1100. I would really like to stick with the 20-24 inch barrels for the velocity.

Thanks alot, I know you guys are really helpfull.
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 3:04:06 AM EST
Welcome aboard, .

While the Bushy is an excellent choice, this is most accurate outta the box long range AR15 I'm aware of: www.colt.com/law/car.asp.

I own one and have seen more than 6 of 'em, everyone a winner.

You'll need a Jewell 2-stage trigger and a good mil-dot Leupold scope, but should ya go this route and use this load, (see below) it'll never be a disappointment to ya.

Sierra 77grn. MatchKing
24.0 grns. Accurate 2460, (Hot Load), DO NOT PUSH
loaded into once fired (or new) Remington Brass
Remington 7.5 small rifle benchrest primers
These are loaded mag length - 2.250" + or –

In good air (very lite wind) my CR6724 will hold 1/2 MOA (10 shot groups) out to 800 yards IF I do my part. A good 24" stainless-steel 1/9 barrel should do fairly well w/ the 77grn. SMKs as long as your velocity is on the high end.

Come-ups for 24" Colt Accurized Rifle (6724) w/ Leupold Vari-X III, 4.5x14 w/ turrets and Mil-Dots
100- zero
200-1 1/2 min
300-3 3/4 min
350-4 min
400-5 1/2 min
450-7 1/2 min
500-9 1/4 min
550-11 1/2 min
600-12 3/4 min
700-17 3/4 min
800-23 min
900- no target
1000-35 1/2 min (34-36 depending on humidity)


ps - should ya stick w/ your Varminter choice, I'm told this load works quite well in them too....., good luck
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