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Posted: 11/4/2009 1:36:29 PM EST
I'm in the final stages of building my first AR. I just found a deal on a Bausch & Lomb Elite 4000 2.5-10x40 for what I think is a really good price. Was wondering what folks more knowledgeable than me think of these. I'm not out to break the bank but I don't want to waste money either so I'm looking at decent quality for a decent price. Any opinions on my choice?
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 2:10:41 PM EST
what kind of build ? barrel length ? what are you going to use it for ?
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 2:28:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 2:35:44 PM EST
What kind of money is a " really good price"?

I mean if your getting it for like $20 heck yeah it's a good deal. Need more info.
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 3:34:19 PM EST
Is it made by Bushnell or a B&L original?

Link Posted: 11/4/2009 11:23:05 PM EST
I have a RRA lower, RRA 2 stage match trigger, CLE 20" chrome moly Douglas barrel(on order), badger ordnance handguard, skeletonized A2 stock. I found the scope for 250. I plan on using this as a med range target/varmit shooter. The scope is an original B&L and not Bushnell.
Link Posted: 11/5/2009 6:49:01 AM EST
Those are nice scopes.
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