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Posted: 11/4/2013 5:30:48 PM EDT
Does anyone here have any experience with this company in general and this package in particular??
I've been reading and have heard but can't confirm that they use BHW barrels in their pistol packages.
Any info would be helpfull.

Link Posted: 11/4/2013 5:37:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/4/2013 5:40:20 PM EDT by EvenKeel]
Have one......good to go!. They are loud
Link Posted: 11/4/2013 7:33:32 PM EDT
The upper looks similer to the one i have (which is phase 5 and some off brand handguard)

Link Posted: 11/4/2013 9:01:03 PM EDT
Last I heard is they use the same generic 7.5in barrels they sell for 100$ on their site. The same 7.5in barrels you can find at numerous retailers for about 100$.

The uppers imo are fine for range use etc, but for any serious use I'd get something with a good barrel and good bcg. Not saying SSA are bad, but they are along the lines of dpms with their bcg's imo, and their barrels are generic. PSA would bring much more value if wanting a complete upper on the cheap.
Link Posted: 11/5/2013 6:37:19 AM EDT
Got one last week. Seems good thus far. Not sure on the barrel but I would assume it is the same barrel they sell for 100ish bucks. The bcg is a RRA.
Link Posted: 11/9/2013 5:26:42 AM EDT
UPS app says mine will arrive on the 14th.
Link Posted: 11/10/2013 12:01:21 AM EDT
I was there today and checked out one that they had assembled with one of those folding stock devices, pretty cool. One of the guys there had some video of it running flawlessly at the range.
Seems GTG
Link Posted: 11/10/2013 1:43:09 PM EDT
Fit & finish look appropriate for the price?
Link Posted: 11/23/2013 12:58:11 PM EDT
It's been a few days, but I was getting everything ordered & put together!
But it's done. The TRS-25 arrived yesterday and I have it bore sighted ready for the range.... If it'll stop raining.
I took it out prior to the TRS-25 arriving & used a reflex sight off another weapon to function check it.
100 quick rounds with zero issues.



Link Posted: 11/24/2013 5:11:44 AM EDT
If it has a BHW barrel it should be easy to identify the polygonal rifling Vs. standard.
Link Posted: 11/24/2013 5:08:17 PM EDT
No worries GTG
That package looks like good value I wouldn't hesitate to buy that
I've made many purchased there, my 7 1/2' pistol is sporting an SA&A barrel  and several other parts from them, very reliable and accurate

Link Posted: 12/10/2013 8:18:05 PM EDT
href=http://i1320.photobucket.com/albums/u524/aruaco17/IMG_0435_zps8b6a7b14.jpg" />
href=http://i1320.photobucket.com/albums/u524/aruaco17/IMG_0436_zps8d69df2a.jpg" />

I was able to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales and get a pretty good deal on this build from there.  The guys at the shop were pretty helpful and walked me through the process part by part, pretty fun stuff.  This is actually my first AR Pistol.  So far, I am not disappointed in its performance.  I took it out last weekend to Tacoma Sportsman's and zeroed it at 25yds.  I wasn't terribly impressed with the accuracy, over an inch at 25, but honestly speaking, it was freezing, I wasn't wearing any snivel gear, and I was shooting crap ass ammo, so with all that in mind, that might not be a fair assessment.  I felt like I had a good zero, then I took it over to the public side and tried to hit the gong at 200yds.  First time I walked away from it without a hit.  Again, crap ammo, freezing, and it was a bag rest, not a sled.  All in all, it has performed well for me, no jams whatsoever, cleans just as easy as any other AR I own, and its pretty comfortable to shoot.  Definitely think I have a new CQB friend, but I am kinda toying around with the idea of a top notch 10.5in chrome lined upper to try and get that damn gong!  I WILL GET YOU ORANGE SQUARE!  ONE DAY!....

Cheers everyone, happy holidays.
Link Posted: 12/11/2013 11:53:48 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By GrumpyBiker:
Fit & finish look appropriate for the price?
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Fit and finish is bogus imo. Nothing to do with how a gun performs. So unless it's going to be a safe queen (doubt it considering how much this rins) it's irrelevant when considering cost or performance. Colts don't always have good fit and finish but they are still the bench mark all other ar mfg's follow.

The comment on the video of one at the range running flawlessely imo doesn't mean much. There are redneck hack job ar's on you tube running like a top. Don't see too many low-mid tier guns handling carbine classes too well.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 3:26:45 AM EDT
It looks very much like the one Red X Arms has so they must come from the same manufacturer, except the upper from Red X Arms has their name engraved and on the one from SAA has their name engraved.  I am sure it's like NiB BCG's made by one of two companies and businesses put their logo's on them once they get them or have them stamped their logo's before shipping them out to them.  I really like the way they are built, have not shot my pistol, but I am sure it'll shoot fine.

Link Posted: 12/12/2013 8:16:51 AM EDT
I have the BHW 7.5 inch barrel I bought from SA&A in my "War Pig", very happy with the barrel, and with the service from SA&A.

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