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7/8/2020 3:01:36 PM
Posted: 5/1/2009 3:56:49 PM EDT
I'm sure this has been talked about more then a few times.  yes or no?  I've seen alot of votes for yes and no. with safety being the front runnner in all talks. and I agree.
looking at it from a different point of view,  the lack of good factory ammo!!!!
I'm new to the AR platform, 3 weeks. up to this point its been 45acp, 44mag, 12 ga, and 30-30 for me.  I've used alot of reloads in my hand guns and never had any problems with any reloads in over 15+ years of shooting hand guns.
so now, here we are with a lack of good rifle ammo.  I've made use of the Wolf ammo for plunking but I'm new to all this and will have questions also about the cheap stuff too.

are there any quailty reloading companies out there that carry a good track record?
its almost looking like we may have to stock up with reloads as Obama is soon to be taking aim at us!!!!!
I need a stash
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 7:53:13 PM EDT
You can never go wrong with Black Hills ammo. I have no experience with any other reloaded ammo, other than my own.
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 5:59:06 AM EDT
ok, thanks.  looks like buying reloads is not of much interest here.
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 6:25:38 AM EDT
Do it yourself and save.
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 6:35:34 AM EDT
I wish I could but time is the problem.  long work hours and alot of band jams(bass player) leaves little time. damn!
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 7:37:47 AM EDT
Do it yourself or stay with factory.

Due to their  reputation I consider Black hills to be for all purposes to be the same as the big boys (Winchester , Federal,Remington) from the safety and reliability standpoint.

There are likely some custom reloaders out there selling reloads for slightly less than "factory" stuff that is decent safe stuff but how do you tell?

The real scary stuff is the unlabeled stuff you see from time to time at gun shows and some small gun shops sitting around in ammo cans and plastic bags.
If you as a reloader are not confidant enough to put your name on it I certainly am not going to put it in my gun , place my eye alongside that gun and pull the trigger.
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 8:20:51 AM EDT
There's a sad lack of rigor in the use of terminology in the shooting sports, and especially when it comes to the differences between "factory," "remanufactured," and "reloaded" ammunition.  Here's how I break it down:

"Factory" ammunition is all new manufactured ammo, using brand new cases.

"Remanufactured" ammunition is all new except for the cases which are once fired.  Remanufactured implies that a large and properly insured company is doing the remanufacturing, using well designed processes and very well selected loads.  It also implies scrupulous quality assurance.

"Reloaded" is what I do on my bench.  I select the loads, and I use either new, once fired, or "more than once" fired cases, depending on the load.  I'm the only one shooting this stuff, so I don't need insurance against my own potential carelessness, and I'm my own QC department (but since I did that job professionally for several years in a different industry, I think I do a pretty good job of it).

With all that said, I would not hesitate to use ammo from a well-known remanufacturer like Black Hills.  There are a number of smaller firms that make well reputed remanufactured ammunition, with a few others that make stuff that may or may not be great.  Go with the reputation of the remanufacturer, but do plenty of research first.
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 8:24:07 AM EDT
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Posted in wrong thread.
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