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Posted: 8/26/2005 4:38:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/26/2005 6:59:54 PM EDT by captainpooby]
I built these rifles three/four years ago before everyone got on the A1 bandwagon. Problem was, I didnt really do it right.
The ban was still on so they were built neutered and I didnt refinish the uppers to match the lowers. Also, the first barrel I aquired off the EE was shit and I got ripped off. The guy sold it as a complete barrel but it was a total franken barrel and the front sight base was even loose. I bought it long before I assembled the rifles so by the time I noticed I couldnt remember who sold it to me. I couldnt sight in the rifle or re-tighten the sight base no matter how much I pounded the taper pins.
Well, in my parts aquiring phase of the build, I had aquired a spare M16 takeoff barrel and today I decided it was "gunsmithing day" since it was too windy to work and I had access to the hangar to work in. I also needed to remove the barrel from my LEGP#1 to send it off for "evilfication."

I digress. I'm just here to post pics of the original two builds that I dissassembled, refinished the uppers and replaced the barrel on one.
The uppers still look a little light in color because they have no oil on them, as the lowers do. I used header paint on the uppers and I wanted to leave them in my car for a few days to cure the paint. It gets very hot inside my car here in Florida.
Here's the rifles:

On the left is my A1 clone, on the right is my AF AR15 clone.

Right side view of the uppers:

Left side view:

FSB and FS view:

Notwithstanding the lowers, what can make these rifles more true to the originals?

Link Posted: 8/26/2005 5:49:20 PM EDT
I like'em.

How well do they shoot?

Link Posted: 8/26/2005 6:02:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted By WIZZO_ARAKM14:
I like'em.

How well do they shoot?


Honestly? They both shoot great!

The one on the right is my dedicated .22 rifle with an M261 kit. The 1 in 12 barrel shoots Dynapoints very well and plinkin' is a blast with it.
Interesting point:
The gas tube in the M261 AR with 1500+ rounds of .22LR seemed less blocked up than my RRA M4 gas tube with 6,000+ rounds of 5.56.
I admit to abusing the RRA M4 though, with lots of mag dumps and trying to bumpfire. The gas tube was golden brown.
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