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Posted: 9/3/2004 6:51:40 PM EST
I’m about to make a purchase from ammo man and I cant decide what one to buy.. The bullets will be used in a Bushmaster with an AK brake. I’m not a huge fan of Israel, so I’m leaning towards the Lake City XM193. The price is the same, if you had a choice between the two what one would you pick? (For when the SHTF )
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 7:10:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 8:14:21 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 11:05:13 PM EST

I’m not a huge fan of Israel

You could always try Wolf....
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 6:11:35 AM EST
Since you are a Jew Hater, Go with XM193!
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 6:55:45 AM EST
I have both, I prefer XM193.
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 3:38:28 PM EST
Unfortunately for you, there never was a NAZI 5.56 round. You'll have to settle for the American XM193. You realize that America is a friend of Israel, right?

Are you posting from Palestine by chance?
Link Posted: 9/5/2004 3:51:34 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/5/2004 3:56:29 AM EST by PigPen]
Are you whining and complaining from Israel by chance? I get so fed up by this type of argument.......geeze!

Link Posted: 9/5/2004 3:55:11 AM EST
Buy whatever is cheaper at the time. It is hard to constructively criticize either.

The IMI is prettier if you are anal retentive about such things but you should be 100% pleased with either.

Link Posted: 9/5/2004 7:36:58 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/5/2004 7:37:15 AM EST
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Dupe/Dangerous direction of conversation.
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