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9/16/2019 10:09:13 PM
Posted: 1/8/2012 8:44:56 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/8/2012 8:45:55 AM EDT by loganbent]
Ok, so as the title suggests I put a down payment on a new Rock River Advanced Tactical Hunter as shown in the picture below pulled from their site..... 18" barrel, half quad rail, 2 stage trigger, RRA Operator CAR stock, should have it in 3-4 weeks. This will be a mixed use gun, initially will be for shooting paper/steel on my range in the backyard (I live on an acreage) as well as for population control on the coyotes that are running through my yard and the fields around the house. I'm considering trying my hand at 3 gun matches this coming year, if I do end up doing that I may change optics, depends on what I put on. What I'm looking for now is some assistance on how to spend 400-500 bucks efficiently on accessories(optics/mags/slings etc).


Optics-this is my biggest question....for now I'm not planning on putting any BUIS on it, it'll either be a scope or red dot setup. I was initially leaning towards a 3-9 powered scope but most all of the shooting I can envision doing for now will be under 400 yards so I was thinking one of the lower end red dots such as the Burris AR-332 Prism Sight and if I decide that I need more magnification to try one of Primary Arm's magnifiers on a flip away mount. Another option is one of the Nikon Coyote Special scopes or something from Muller like a 3-10 Tac II or one of their Sport Dot's. I've never had a red dot on any of my rifles so I'm a bit more hesitant to try it just because I've never had it and don't want to give up any capability from 250-400 yds. Any one using a 3x dot for greater than 250 without a magnifier and have any insight on their experience, or should I either plan on magnifier or jumping to a scope?

Mounts I'd like a LaRue or ADM but at this point don't see a need yet for quick detach and have enough other things on the list that I'm probably going to go with something cheaper, haven't settled on what yet.

Mags-Mostly likely half a dozen Magpul PMags

Lights-Not planning one initially

Other Items-I am planning a bipod, but we'll see how much I spend on optics, it might have to wait a bit. When I do it my current thoughts are a Yankee Hill Harris adapter and a 6-9" leg Harris Swivel bipod. Haven't given much thought to a sling yet.

I'm looking for any suggestions here on the items listed above, especially optics/mounts. I spent most of last night looking through the optics threads and bookmarked quite a few to come back and look at tonight, I hadn't put much thought on Red dot's as I don't have the budget now for an Aimpoint or EOTech and hadn't seen any cheaper ones with good reviews until I saw the Burris and then some at Primary Arms.

Am I missing anything major in terms of accessories I should be getting from the start??? I have everything needed for cleaning, ammo isn't included here(I'm planning on 1k rounds to start with), and I have a Storm 3200 case already so I'm set for traveling, just need some help picking the accessories!
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