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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/28/2003 12:37:12 PM EST
I headed out to the range today with my Model 1 kit build. Eagle lower with the Model 1 16" CAR kit. I swapped the LE lower I ordered with A2 for the range trip, but other than that, it was just like I got it from Model 1.

I put 10 rounds downrange, cleaning after each shot, then 10 more cleaning after each 2. After that, I did 5 and clean for 20 rounds, then said to hell with it and started shooting lol...after all, I didn't get this to be a match rifle.

I used my DMPS 10 round mag the whole time...brought an Orlite in case there were problems, but there weren't. It worked perfectly for the 100 or so rounds I shot through it. Brass ejection is not as robust as my other rifles, but it's not bad enough to warrant going to a defender in the extractor. Basically, it throws them gently about 4 feet out at a 45 degree angle to the front.

I shot a good number of 1" groups, with some around 1 1/4". I was using my 55 gr. Ballistic Tip/A2230 combo, but I'm beginning to think the 16" barrels want a different load...this round seems to work ok in everything, but not great in anything. I also shot about 30 rounds of hand rolled FMJ, just to see how it did. Groups not great, but it cycled fine. My bolt .223 loved the FMJ round, I shot my best group of the day with it...which I can't believe.

All in all, this rifle did everythig I hoped it would, and ran flawlessly. For the $525 I got in it, I'm quite happy with the performance. The whole Model 1 experience was satisfactory, after I talked to them about the backordered lightweight barrels. Once I changed my order, I had the kit in 3 business days.
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