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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/28/2005 11:09:23 AM EDT
Mil-Comm TW-25b

The sales pitch for this stuff sounds very good. $24.95 also seems like a fair price. Anyplace have it for cheaper, or should I look for a different product?

Sales pitch: "Mil-Comm TW-25B is the choice of leading firearms manufacturers, armorers, pro shooters and gun enthusiasts, and is recognized as the world's best all-purpose weapons lubricant protectant. It is now widely specified by the U.S. Military for their most critical performance weapons systems. It is Environmentally safe,Non-carcinogenic an Non-ozone depleting"

Lay down those HO's and NSHO's regarding SPRAY ON lubricants.

Link Posted: 7/28/2005 5:51:13 PM EDT
only ever used there grease stuff. It worked verry well. Rust protection was good ( i did have some rust well after 3 months it should of happened) never a problem with the lube drying out and not seam like it is not protecting.

hell give it a try. to me petro products do not bother me yet. when they do I know there stuff is a good replacement.
Link Posted: 7/29/2005 9:47:46 AM EDT
The Mil-comm is great stuff.In fact I love the stuff.Never had a single issue with rust or anything else with Mil-comm.It is long lasting,slick,and does help ease cleaning.What I like most of all about the TW-25B is that it stays on the metal for so long...in fact you can't hardly wipe the stuff off.Metal remains slick.
The TW-25B EP spray is just the TW-25B mixed with alcohol in a bladder spray can which you can also mix yourself if needed from the tube lube.Download the mixing and application instructions.So the performance is going to be the same as the tube lube,that is after the alcohol evaporates,which only takes a few minutes.
Personally,I prefer the TW-25B in the jar or tube.The EP is handy too,especially when lubing a large area like the exterior of the AR.The EP sorta works like a CLP too since it has alot of the alcohol.Well in fact you would be suprised to see how much funk the TW-25B alone will work out a gun even though its an LP.The TW-25B displaces funk well when in use...the fouling from the cartridges does not stick.So cleaning basically is just wipe the funk off and reapply the lube.
As far as a better price,that looks about what Mil-comm sells it for.I prefer buying it direct from Mil-comm myself.
Link Posted: 7/31/2005 10:31:34 PM EDT
I can't say enough about the stuff or the company.

My guys here in CONUS beat, abuse, and literally pound on their M4's daily.

TW25B has eliminated environmentals as an issue I have to deal with between Maint. cycles.

As for reliability we Beta tested the stuff on 5 Carbines.

They were prepped as per a Level one application.
Turned loose in the field for 4 moths of winter/spring.

Lots of rain, snow, and condensation, blowing sand, spilled Coffee, abrasion against the jacket and uniform and NO cleaning or re-application.

Then placed on range rotation for training without cleaning or prep.
Just a simple bore obstruction check.

All 5 went many several times over load out before needing attention.

Have done the same with others Lube/ Preservatives over the years.

Recently I was involved in organizing and conducting some training for Civillians and L.E. and asked Mr. Furlong for samples to be passed out so the folks could see if it was right for them.

Thanks to a SNAFU with UPS here in this corner of no where, the sample box that was overloaded with many hundreds of dollars worth of the product was delivered 3 days late.

I asked if it was OK to send the box to a certain Ranger Doc I know in the Stan, rather than returning it.

The comment from Mr. Furlong was "Absolutely!"

It seems expensive as to the dollar for volume.

But when you actually use the stuff, it quickly becomes apparent that it isn't expensive at all, and possibly cheaper than other options.

It ain't right for everybody, but the stuff flat works and is made by a group of folks that support our own at every turn.

Any questions anyone might have, holler at Mil-Comm direct.

No wild assed claims, no hype, no bullshit LIES in the form of Newsformercials.

I still use the hell out of my remaining stock of old CLP for certain things.
But my daily carry rifle and sidearm run the TW25B.

Try it.
If it works or not, for you in your particular situation , s one more thing either gained or eliminated.

This is the internet.

Trust what you have run rather than what some joe has told ya!


Link Posted: 8/1/2005 3:53:10 PM EDT
Thank you very much gentelman. That was all I needed to hear! :)
Link Posted: 8/1/2005 5:02:51 PM EDT
After you've applied to level 1, what's the std procedure after that? Suppoosing you go out to the range and cap off a couple three/four hundred rounds, what do you back at the ranch? Just wipe the bolt and carrier down and reapply? What about the bore? Dry patch? Patch with lube? Do you still use CLP products are not?

Doesn't Mil Comm also make an lighter viscosity oil and also a cleaner? What are those used for?
Link Posted: 8/2/2005 9:27:35 PM EDT
Well if you plan to shoot some more the next day dont worry about cleaning.The TW-25B sticks around a long time.If there is alot of dirt or fouling in the upper,wipe it out with a cloth and apply the TW-25B as needed.
I use a level II application of TW-25B on the internals bearing surfaces.A slightly heavy level I everywhere else.I leave a light film of lube instead of wiping dry.No dust issues here but its hot and damp so the extra lube is needed IMHO.Works for me anyway.
For cleaning I use the MC-25 cleaner.If the bore is nasty I will use Hoppe's #9.
Most of the internals I just wipe the fouling off since the TW-25B does not allow the fouling to stick.The TW-25B will also clean somewhat.It will constantly displace fouling as it penetrates,especially when the rifle gets hot.Stuff creeps.
Hard fouling gets the MC-25 cleaner or Hoppe's #9.But like I said the majority of the fouling just wipes out.Then reapply the Mil-comm.
For the tight places,fire control,pins or any place I feel needs oil I use the MC-2500 oil.
Ive also been playing around with the MC-3000 semi fluid,which is between the TW-25B and MC-2500 oil.Sorta reminds me of LSA-T and I like it alot.
For field cleaning I just disassemble the rifle and wipe as much fouling as I can off...which is most of whats there.If needed I hit the parts with a cloth damp with MC-25.Punch the bore with a couple patches of the MC-25 cleaner,and then dry patch.Then run a patch of the MC-2500 through the bore followed by a dry patch.Takes just minutes.
If you want you can use the MC-2500 oil to lightly clean.It works about as well as clp and is compatible with the TW-25B.You can mix the two together if you want which is basically the MC-3000 viscosity.The TW-25B,MC-2500 and MC-3000 are all basically the same formula,just different viscosity.Most folks do not know that.
Link Posted: 8/3/2005 7:24:32 PM EDT
Blankwaffe, is there any difference between the mil-comm and the kleen-bore versions? Do you know if these products are halogenated?

Link Posted: 8/3/2005 10:02:40 PM EDT

Originally Posted By romulus:
Blankwaffe, is there any difference between the mil-comm and the kleen-bore versions? Do you know if these products are halogenated?


The Mil-comm and Kleen Bore line of TW-25B High Tech are the same product.Kleen Bore sells under license from Mil-comm.
The Mil-comm is not halogenated.No chlorine but does contain PTFE which is considered an halogenated material I guess.Mil-comm says non-reactive technology.From what I can see its tried and true technology using PTFE that we have been using basically for twenty plus years.The TW-25B's grease body is actually PTFE,so it contains alot of PTFE.Which is also why it can be applied as a dry film lube also.Otherwise I not real sure of the ingredients other than what is listed on the MSDS.
I can say for sure the stuff works as advertised,and works well.
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 9:47:20 AM EDT
What is Halogenated?
Link Posted: 8/5/2005 4:35:07 AM EDT

Originally Posted By SkagSig40:
What is Halogenated?

Means it contains one of the five nonmetallic chemical elements...such as chlorine,fluorine,bromine,astatine and iodine.

Link Posted: 8/5/2005 1:27:03 PM EDT
i love tw25b. i use it on all my pistols (except i haven't gotten to using it on my neos yet, but i run that thing damn near dry lately).

not sure if i'd go for the spray, for me the grease makes much more sense. but, i only use the grease on high-wear areas (rails, locking lugs, bbl). i clean everything and wipe everything down good with bf clp, let it sit for a minute and then wipe it near dry. then i grease the rails and stuff with tw25b. that stuff makes the action of a pistol buttery smooth. i haven't had any rust issues yet, but with the bf clp on the pistol i doubt i'll have any problems.

i'm thinking about starting to use it on rifles, maybe even my ar. still using just bf clp, but i shoot pistols WAY more than rifles right now. either way, tw25b is good stuff.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 3:34:44 PM EDT
Mil comm TW-25b is great stuff.
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