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Posted: 12/24/2003 4:04:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/24/2003 4:09:50 PM EDT by Duffy]
Many of the TA01NSN owners have added either Docter or Optima 2000 red dots on it to address the TA01 fine cross hair Christmas tree reticle's shortcoming in CQB.  Folks have made their own mounts, the easiest way is to get it from specwargear.com/ (click on Sale on the left pane, then click on SpecWarGear Sale Board), they make the mount for Docter and Optima.
I have also followed other means to compliment the TA01's CQB capabilities, such as putting an Aimpoint directly in front of the ACOG.  This would also be unnecessary if you have an ACOG that can do it natively.
If you don't already have a TA01NSN, my advice is to get an ACOG with BAC, I suggest either the TA11 or TA31.
TA11: 3.5x, longer and heavier, but great eye relief. About $1000.
TA31: 4x, same eye relief and size as the TA01. About $850 new.
TA01NSN+Docter: higher profile, cheekweld non-existent while using the red dot, added expense.  $750 for the ACOG, $250 for the Docter, $60 for the ACOG adapter mount.
TA01NSN+Aimpoint: expensive, reduces the ACOG's light transmission (from the blue tint from the Aimpoint), makes the weapon slightly heavier and bulky.  $750 for the ACOG, $300 for the Aimpoint, $150 for a cantilever Aimpoint mount.

These prices vary a great deal, some models come with the Trijicon's own flat top adapter (TA51) some just the M16 handle mount.

Note that BAC requires some training to use effectively, the TA01+Docter combo is easy to use.
I like my TA01NSN, but I'd stopped trying to "fix" it by adding more optics to it, instead I got a TA31 and TA11 for all purpose use, and just mount the TA01NSN when I feel like using the cross hair reticle.

Hopefully other TA01NSN+Optima/Docter owners will chime in

Now here come some obligatory pics

Normal TA01NSN reticle:

TA01NSN with Aimpoint directly in front, notice the blue tint:
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 4:30:45 PM EDT
You the man as always.  Thanks.

Also, what if you get a regular TAO1 (not the NSN model) and do a Dr. Optik?  Do you prefer the fully illuminated red of the TAO1 or does it have the same "greying" effect as the NSN?

Link Posted: 12/24/2003 4:41:24 PM EDT
Here you go, hope PBRStreetgang sees this thread and visits us [;)], this is his write up [url]groups.msn.com/TheMarylandAR15ShootersSite/acogandoptima1.msnw[/url]

I prefer the full line reticle of the TA01, the amber is just difficult to make out in low light.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:05:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/24/2003 5:18:00 PM EDT by Maverick656]
Oh yeah that second setup is SWEET.  I think I have just decided what ACOG I want.  The only problem is I do not think I am skilled enough with the dremel to try that on a $1000 investment.  Maybe I can find someone to do it for me.  Also, on the Dr. Optic how far out can you go with those and still be accurate and at what yardage would you sight it in at?

One more... Can I put a Dr. on my flat top by itself until I save up for the TAO1 or is there not a mount for it?
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 5:36:02 PM EDT
I sight in mine at 25yds, anything longer than that I'd want to use the ACOG, it's capable of longer distances but I'd only use it for short ranges.  I've tried using the Optima 2000 mounted directly on the flat top, the cheekweld is too low for me.  Iron sights are taller than a miniature red dot thus mounted, IMHO the height of irons is ideal.  I only have the Optima, I don't know what mount the Docter comes with....
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 6:58:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/24/2003 7:05:17 PM EDT by Maverick656]
Did the Optima come with the mount necessary to put it on the flat top or did you have to use something else.  

Oh I just thought of this... On the NSN can you see the front post in the Optima or does it sit high enough to clear it?

OK... OK... last one I promise, was there a pic posted in one of the two big sticky threads of all the ACOG pics that showed the TAO1 red crosshairs at night?  I saw the one of the NSN at night but did not notice any red ones.
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 7:13:29 PM EDT
The front blade of the NSN shows up on the bottom of the Optima's window, during the day, using both eyes it's not a big deal.  But at night the tritium shows up nicely, could be distracting.  The Optima 2000 I have came with a mount that works with Picatiney rails, there are also other mounts for pistols and such.  I don't recall seeing a TA01 reticle in low light, I think Military Moron posted a pic of the TA01NSN at night but not the TA01...
Link Posted: 12/24/2003 7:45:41 PM EDT
On my TA01NSN w/ Optima I drifted out the front sight.
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 8:05:36 AM EDT
I have been using the TA01nsn/docter for over two years now.  I must admit that cheek weld is a problem.  No matter how much I practice I sometimes get a bad weld and have trouble finding the dot.

I am putting  together a new set up.  I ordered an ARMS 17dr (a throw lever pic rail) and a docter low pic mount.  This set up should put the Docter at iron sight height.  I should be able to run it in front of the Acog or run either by itself.  
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 9:01:19 PM EDT
inkaybee... I sent you an IM but other people also might want to know where you got the ARMS 17DR since it is not on the ARMS website and is it compatible with the Optima?

KevinB... empty your IM box please sir.
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 9:33:25 PM EDT
Not a Sir, but I emptied it anyway [:o)]
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 9:41:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/25/2003 9:44:44 PM EDT by inkaybee]

I ordered mine from arizonagunrunners.com

edit to add : if your optima has a Pic/weaver mount then yes it is.
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 10:33:34 PM EDT
Ok I emailed specwargear.com and asked them if they could make a mount for the TAO1.  I will post what they say, hopefully it won't take forever for a reply.

Also, to add even more questions, out of the three red dot sights (Optima/JPoint, Doctor) which would you say was the best and what moa dot would be best.
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 2:51:17 PM EDT
Wow I got a fast response from Specwar.....


Yes, many readers have the same request as yours.

We are currently creating the lower portion of our ACOG-Optima or ACOG-Docter mount. It is a semi-circular ring which fit the original ACOG-interface mount (upper ring).

We are currently gathering information, just want to make use if every non-NSN ACOG has the same size a the rear portion.....before we proceed to the sample procedure.

Do you have any info that can share with us?

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