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Posted: 5/1/2009 4:52:59 AM EDT
I picked up my stripped lower yesterday...this is my first ar...i was thinking of getting a kit...does anyone know or have reference to a generic parts list that i could price out against a kit?

Is it cheaper to buy a kit(JT,delton) or to buy compontents separtely?

Link Posted: 5/1/2009 5:36:42 AM EDT
A kit can definitely be cheaper if your just planning to build a very basic rifle. If you plan to add a bunch of custom features there is no sense in buying alot of extra parts you do not intend to use. Are you planning to build an upper or buy a pre-assembled upper? You already have a lower so your biggest decision there is which stock you want and if you plan to use something other than a stock trigger. The pistol grip is not much of an issue. They usually include a basic grip in any lower parts kit and it really does not add much to the price if you decide to change it to a different grip. More info on what you desire in your rifle is needed to give a exact answer.
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 6:13:59 AM EDT
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It's cheaper to buy a kit as long as the kit has pretty much what you want on it and you don't swap out a bunch of stuff right away.

Another thing to consider is how soon do you want it? Del-Ton is at least 4-6 months behind (think Christmas) on kits and on certain hard to get individual components like BCG's they are 1 year out.

J & T is better (time wise) and they have lots of options on their kits so you should be able to get pretty much what you want  but figure on at least 6 weeks depending on what you order, I ordered a DS-4 kit from them and it took 6 weeks to get and I have a middy kit ordered from Del-Ton that will get here when it gets here

I have hard that M & A gets kits out quick but you have to call them and get what ever they have in stock at the time.

Welcome to BRD

Link Posted: 5/1/2009 6:14:35 AM EDT
this first one is just going to be a basic rifle
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 6:18:31 AM EDT
has anyone heard of http://www.ar15-kits.com/ ?
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 6:33:00 AM EDT
If you just want a basic rifle a kit would be the way to go. Also if you haven't yet,  go to the industry section and read up on the various companies that sell kits and/or parts and ask questions if you have any.Del-Ton has a section there and  Jesse at J & T does very good at answering inquires promptly.
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 7:18:52 AM EDT
I've used Midways schematics to get a price list for a 1911 pistol to compare to a complete.
They have schematics for AR-15 too. It's right here. Including everything normal part of one there are 101 parts included upper, lower, and sights. They also have like every parts for sell. Might be backordered and what-not though. Hope it helps .
Link Posted: 5/1/2009 8:15:44 AM EDT
Armalite Prices:
M-15 Lower Half Parts
1 *Pistol grip, black EL0030 $5.00
2 *Ejector/Safety spring (2 per rifle) EB0110 $.75
3 *Safety detent EL0060 $1.00
4 *Buttstock screw (A2) EL0090 $3.00
5 *Buttstock Assembly (A2), black EL0110 $35.00
5 *Buttstock Assembly (A2), green EG0020 $40.00
6 *Buttstock spacer EL0130 $1.50
7 *Detent spring (2 per rifle) EL0140 $.75
8 *Detent (2 per rifle) EL0150 $.75
9 Takedown pin EL0160 $5.00
10 Pivot pin EL0170 $5.00
11 Buffer EL0180 $14.00
12 Buffer spring EL0210 $2.50
13 *Bolt stop pin EL0220 $.50
14 Bolt stop EL0230 $8.00
15 *Bolt stop plunger EL0240 $1.25
16 *Bolt stop spring EL0250 $.75
17 Mag catch EL0260 $6.00
18 *Mag catch button (aluminum) EL0270 $3.75
19 *Mag catch spring EL0280 $.75
20 * Safety selector EL0290 $10.00
21 * Rifle receiver extension EL0370 $20.50
22 * Disconnector EL0330 $6.00
23 * Disconnector spring EL0340 $.75
24 * Standard Trigger EL0350 $15.00
25 * Trigger spring EL0360 $1.50
26 * Hammer EL0310 $22.00
27 * Hammer spring EL0320 $1.50
28 * Hammer and trigger pin EL0300 $1.25
29 * Trigger guard pin EL0430 $.35
30 * Trigger guard assembly EL0380 $8.00
31 * Buffer detent EL0190 $1.00
32 * Buffer detent spring EL0200 $1.00
Standard Trigger Group EMK005 $35.00
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