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Posted: 8/22/2004 6:02:04 AM EDT
Wow! Great products! I discovered FP-10 through this web site, and Kroil through other shooting venues. FP-10 is a great, easy to use cleaning compound and lubricant. Kroil is a great penetrant, and will replace WD-40 in my cleaning kit for that purpose. I think with enough Kroil you could pound a telephone pole up a gnat's ass.

Also-for all of you dreaming of the sunset of the AWB-Feinstein/Schumer and Co. are apparently considering a voice vote extension of same, in an effort to commit legislators to a position on the AWB. Before you all scream about absolute positions on gun control, which I agree with, remember politics is the art of doing what is possible. GW has to tap dance around the gun control issue because he wants to get re-elected. If you/we abandon him because he does not hew to an absolutist position on this matter we could end up with Horseface and his crowd.....The Dems want to give GW an embarassing position to deal with, and hurt him thereby. There are a lot of voters out there who lean towards gun control, but not as a litmus test issue, and positioning GW so he has to potentially alienate them is the Dem's delight........  
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