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Posted: 10/6/2005 10:32:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/6/2005 10:41:06 PM EDT by memyselfandi]
Why not simply stick with a simple M4 type build, using the KISS principal so that it looks clean and nice and easy on the wallet for around $500, then as you shoot and read more here you determine what you REALLY want in your rifle and then youll have two. one for wife, friend, etc and the "good" one for you ;) In the long run youll save money unlike some of these guys who have spent $$$$$$$ on constantly changing around their rifles trying out new stuff to find what they want.

This is exactly what Im doing. You've already bought the cheap stock from Tic so thats a great start. Just saved you $30.
Plus the barrel wrench tool, stock tool, brass punches, and allen wrench, and action block will pay for themselves on your second build.

my first build will look exactly like this

EXCEPT it is an A2 upper not an A3 with carry handle on it, and I wont have that optics mount on the handle becuz it wont have optics. Thats for the next gun hehehe.

This is an M4 with 14.5 barrel, and phantom 5c2 flash hider perm installed, and standard CAR 6 pos stock.

My second build will look almost exactly like this:

Midlength, eotech, MI rail handguards, VLTOR clubfoot.....dead sexy

Get er done! And g'luck in yer struggles!
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