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Posted: 11/1/2004 9:12:34 PM EST
When I first got on this board, I had just purchased my first AR15. I have been collecting guns for years, but never got around to getting an AR, favoring Russian rifles at first, then WWII rifles after that. Because of the Sunset of the AWB I decided to stop putting off getting an AR and after some research and friendly advise I decided on getting Bushmaster "M4".

Many of the members here told me "Welcome to the Addiction" which I thought was an amusing comment...but you know what? It was absolutely true!

I have since built my 2nd AR this time from scratch, and really enjoyed the build. Ive put together several 1911's to date, but never a rifle, and I admit, I am addicted!

When I first got my Bushmaster I decided to keep the gun pretty much stock but the more time passed, the more I just couldn't leave it alone. LOL! I changed my grip, added an accuwedge, tritium (steel) night sights, did a bolt beef up, an M4 front stock, and took off the Y-comp and replaced it with a Phantom FH. Mild mods yes, but that was the point. I wanted to keep the gun looking as stock as possible. I greased the buffer tube then proceeded to break in the barrel. This gun is more fun than I can shake a stick at!

I started wondering how some added on goodies would feel on the gun, but I still had my mind set on keeping this one stock looking. So...what was the solution to this problem? That's right, get another AR! Building this one up myself was a very satisfying experience, and I would recommend it to anyone with at least a basic understanding of mechanics. I was nervous about undertaking the project at first, but it really isn't that hard. Sure, I save a couple of $$ by taking this route, but to be honest, that wasn't the reason I did it. It was FUN.

I really need to get myself a Digital Camera so I can join in on the fun of showing off these babies. My new gun is another Bushmaster. The way I saw it, I was really pleased with the 1st one, so why try anything else? Besides...who say's that I can't build a 3rd later? I got an Aimpoint ML2 2 stage trigger, & BUIS for her so far, as well as the other stuff I did to the first. I plan on fitting this one with a vertical foregrip, a flashlight system of some sort (still deciding on what to get) and possibly a different rear stock than I have on her now. (M4 collapsible) I am very pleased with the stock on her now, but wouldn't mind trying something new.

Anyway, be warned newbies: The AR15 is the 1911 .45 ACP of the rifle world. There are literally hundreds of things you can add on or modify on these things, and once you start, there ain't no stopping it. It is just too much fun!

Good Luck to you. Once you get an AR15 you will never regret it.

Link Posted: 11/1/2004 9:18:42 PM EST
Man....I am building one now. I haven't even got the upper in the mail yet and I am looking at stuff to build another one. Its crazy.

My MAK90 was kinda like weed...it was like the gateway drug to bigger and better things lol.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 9:24:52 PM EST
after looking around the 'web, there are just so many things a person can buy for a Winchester, Remington, and every other "Hunting Rifle". a person can have just so many scopes and slings for those.
as long as they keep making new things for AR's, I (we'll ) keep buying and improving our black guns.
I too just started...... and it's a never ending cycle.. and i'm glad.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 12:10:08 AM EST
Yup, I told ya so.
Just wait till you have to explain to the wife how your 7th AR is NOT just like the others!
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 4:30:43 AM EST
it's not called, 'the black rifle disease' for nothing

Link Posted: 11/2/2004 4:36:47 AM EST
To my knowledge there is no cure. You may think you are recovering but you are not. Symptoms may not be present at all times and the disease may lie dormant for weeks or months. Out of nowhere *BAM!* you all of a sudden decide you "need" another AR. At least there is a whole group of others who share this affliction that can help you through it!
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 4:39:44 AM EST
You WERE warned.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 5:02:07 AM EST
5 completed in the safe with 8 more recievers waiting for money to get parts.
Dont know how you guys afford the extras - I cant (my money)keep up with just building the Rifles
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 5:09:25 AM EST
BRD is a bitch. There is no cure that I know of. I have had it for over 15 years now.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 5:59:18 AM EST
Speaking of .45 ACP check this out

Link Posted: 11/2/2004 8:31:30 AM EST
BRD is insidious...........simply insidious
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 8:54:15 AM EST
i thought the same thing now i barely have money to eat.

Link Posted: 11/2/2004 9:06:30 AM EST
Thanks for the welcome! I got my AR this past Saturday and I'm looking forward to going to the Rifle Range this Saturday to break this puppy in. I've scoured this site and have done much more so on the Ammo Oracle Site. Thanks to those who made it known.

I can't help but take my AR out of my closet everyday I get home from work and just cradle it like it's a third child. Hey... it is! LOL

Link Posted: 11/2/2004 9:35:16 AM EST

Originally Posted By SPTiger:
To my knowledge there is no cure.

haha not true....the only cure for black rifle addiction is to offset it w/ a bigger and more expensive addiction....read: class 3 nfa!

considering the cheapest readily available class three gun (mac10) is the price of the more expensive ar's (roughly 2500) it only gets worse....

class three addiction is way more dangerous than anything else......its more addictive than crack, and 1000X more expensive.....once you are hooked,you literally work all day and night to feed the addiction ( i currently work 2 full time jobs, 1st and second shift, and a part time job).....enough is never enough....i have literally survived for weeks off raman and mac and cheese because i figured funding new guns was more important than eating

thank god i am single

whats worse, is i never plan on getting rid of anything once i have it....im going to law school in a few monthes and i could easily sell 3 or 4 of my guns to pay for it all, but i would rather become a ta as to keep what i have and plan to get

this is absolutely riduculous
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 10:10:59 AM EST
I tell my wife it is just "DEDICATION TO THE SPORT" !She says im full of crap! She just doesnt understand. h.gif
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 12:18:54 PM EST
I too need to enroll in the AR "12 Step Program" after my years of handguns. Several years ago I started off small and traded off a Wilson Combat for the then "pre-ban" Lightweight Sporter lower with a LE6721 upper. I messed around with it added a few new mods and ended up buying a "pre-ban" series original LE6520 Government Carbine.... then I just HAD to invest in one of the LE6920's a month before the actual sunset of the ban to be the "first on the block" with a new LEO rifle..... wel then it only gets worse with the usual TA01 and Ta01NSN sickness fro my rifles....... and my latest attack brought me to a LAR-15 RRA lower with NM trigger.... and to top it off I bought a .50 Beowulf upper to make REALLY big holes with a black rifle.... to addd insult to injury I found another HUGE on a LE6920 and I expect to have another one after the first of the year... It's got to end soon.... or I'll end up bankrupt AND divorced....... at leasts I'll still have my Black Rifles to keep me company!

the first steps in curing and addiction is admitting to yourself you have one.... it's the 2nd and 3rd, etc I can't seem to follow!
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 3:29:42 PM EST
LOL! Yup...I was warned, many times...but did I listen? NOOOOooooo....

I don't know what it is about these Black Beauties....spending cash on them kinda feels like being in Vegas. All of a sudden a $100.00 don't seem like alot (which it damn well is!) and spending becomes EASY. LOL! The case of the "I wanna's" just grabs a hold of you, and you are convinced that "I will get it perfect the next time around." Regardless if the last 2 AR's are beauties themselves, you always see something new you can't do without...the problem is, it just doesn't belong on the guns you've already finished. LOL! YOU HAVE to start FRESH with a brand new stripped lower....Ooooooo....Naked Lower......

Sick....Ain't nothing wrong with a MAK90. I think of her as an exotic foriegn girl: Different, but just as desrieable!

Ah well...that's it for now. You newbies have been warned. It will happen to you, and you'll be a better man for it! LOL!
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 5:08:43 PM EST
Prior to my "first" AR aquisition, I was merely curious. My step dad had one when I was a kid. I figured I'd get one for nostalgic reasons. Woe is me, BRD is crack and I am the junkie. I NEED to build a pistol AR, and need an upper for a very lonely lower.

Originally Posted By Gunslinger808:
Just wait till you have to explain to the wife how your 7th AR is NOT just like the others!

You know it. "B" is the key to BRD. As long as you have at least one 16" and one 20" upper, she'll never know. It's all the same pair of rifles, you just keep changing the accessories (optic, stock, handguards etc). Wemenz understand you can't have too many accessories. Her wardrobe is vast and interchangeable, so is the BRD collection.
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