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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/13/2003 9:24:54 AM EST
I was at the fun show today and traded a mini-14 for 300, and then purchased a KIMBER DAEWOO for 700.

Was this a good buy? I always remembered hearing such good things about DAEWOO's and even though I purchased it on the spot, was wondering if this is a good version.

Did I get a good one? bore is shiney, has KIMBER on it...

Did I pay too much?

Link Posted: 7/13/2003 9:49:13 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 9:29:12 PM EST
hmm, seems to me you should have researched some more.. I mean I hate to say it but i shot my buddy's Daewoo and it wasn't as reliable or intimidating as my ar. AND your mini-14 is nearly the best 5,56 rifle out there next to the AR(if you can find good mags). My advice is to research before you buy and try your hardest to never get rid of a rifle you already own.. just save, you never know when you might say. DAMN i wish i would have kept that.
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 3:10:58 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/15/2003 3:13:31 AM EST by Dan0341]
Knife_Sniper, I'm assuming you're talking about the Daewoo DR200. You didn't get a deal on it, but you didn't get ripped off either. I had a DR200 for several years and thought (and still think) it was a great rifle. Extremely reliable and accuracy was more than acceptable. The only downside is the lack of available spare parts for these rifles. The good news is that I've never heard of someone breaking a part on their rifle (although, I'm sure it has happened). Over the years I've seen people asking for spare parts because they were lost. By the way, the trigger, hammer, and disconnector from an AR15 fit and function in the DR200 perfectly. I like the DR200 quite a bit more than the Mini 14 (I've also owned a Mini 14 for a couple of years). If it currently has the thumbhole stock, you can replace it with US Made parts and a fixed stock and separate pistol grip. Here's a pic of my old DR200. [img]http://home.ix.netcom.com/~brownhen/_uimages/DR200.jpg[/img] Here's a pic of the Daewoo as carried by some of their ROK (Republic of Korea) Marines. I tried to make a trade for the rifle, but had no luck;) [img]http://home.ix.netcom.com/~brownhen/_uimages/ROKMarine.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 3:31:39 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 5:03:47 AM EST
OK, let's have a show of hands: Anyone who has ever WORN OUT or BROKEN any part of a Daewoo rifles. Hello, hello, anyone there??? Is thing thing on??? For all the cyber complaining about lack of parts, I don't see many raised hands out there... And yes, I know that the gas plugs have been known to fly off, but these can be had if you check the boards. Same goes for "misplaced" charging handles "lost" during cleaning. BUT REMEMBER, both of these are user headspace errors, not the fault of Daewoo. Wow, do I feel better now for getting that off my chest :-) !!! P.S. Reasonably priced "complete" parts replacements kits are available for your pre-ban as well as post ban Daewoo's--I believe the proper nomenclature is "Rifle, Daewoo, type DR-200, 1 each. Available on a board near you, for about $600.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 7:49:36 AM EST
I think you did fine on your Daewoo purchase. I would take the Daewoo over the 14 any day. I love mine and have never been in need of any parts. The thing will eat what my ar won't. The Ace stock is a must have over the thumbhole.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 7:59:34 AM EST
Mine broke, as the first time I fired it the sear was tripping and I was going full auto. The hammer caught on the firing pin and bent it. I need ONE new firing pin and need to have one custom made by a machinist I guess. Anyone know of someone who makes a firing pin? Or any tips on what kind of metal? No? Rodger, I will wait. This rifle is too cool to ever give up on.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 2:23:17 PM EST
I have a K1A1 and it seems to work great. It takes AR mags. The K1A1 gas system is basically the same as the AR. I think the other Daewoo(DR200)rifles are piston driven. The K1A1 has a sliding wire stock that extends much further than a CAR stock. It has a the flash suppressor machined into the barrel. The front hand guard is loose fitting on mine but other than that, the quality seems excellent. All of the K1A1's are preban as I have heard that they stopped importing them in 1986. Mine was imported by Stoegner. Does anyone know the barrel twist on the K1A1? Mantra
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 3:08:28 PM EST
Hi guys, I think the Daewoo is an excellent weapon. I bought a Daewoo Max-2( full lentgh with a folding stock) in the mid 80's for $375.00. I owned it for nearly 15 yrs. and put thousands and thousands of rounds through it. I found it to be as accurate as any .223 rifle I have ever shot. No malfunction or breakage. I, unfortunately, ran into some financial hardship awhile back and had to sell it. I got $800 for it,(which was a steal). I saw it at a gun show shortly after that and it was selling for $1600. I am sorry I sold it and wish I still had it. I bought a DPMS CAR Hbar recently for under $600. I like the Daewoo but I won't pay $1600.
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