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Posted: 5/8/2003 5:35:33 AM EST
This website is the one I found the most info and pics. These airsoft guns even have RIS handguards available for them! www.cobraairsoft.com
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 1:20:44 PM EST
That is totally bad a$$. If things dont get any better thats what we will be shooting next. GG
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 4:20:29 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 6:16:47 PM EST
Originally Posted By Gun Guru: That is totally bad a$$. If things dont get any better thats what we will be shooting next. GG
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Not if you live in New Jersey, you won't! NJ is already attempting to ban all realistic-looking pellet guns. If it passes, I'll bet CA, NY, etc. won't be far behind. Yes, we're even losing our rights to own *toy guns* here in the USA (something which is legal in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, England, etc.). If something goes horribly wrong with the AWB (i.e. it passes, with more restrictions/bans) I'll have little use for my SIR/Surefire/EOtech, etc. but to mount them on an Airsoft rifle. Just to be on the safe side, I ought to start that project now...
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 5:51:54 AM EST
I wonder if these games are as good as paintball? Does anyone here participate in any airsoft events? If so, or you have played just once, is it fun and worth the money?
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 6:42:58 AM EST
For what it’s worth, I bought into Air Soft this year with a bro of mine so we could do room clearing exercises and the like. The M4 A2 I got (TM brand) it’s nearly the same weight and is the same size and even will take accessories etc from my real rigs. It has turned out to be a great way to practice/learn how to move up stairwells, enter a room and all that other stuff you hope you never have to do. It is also a hella lotta fun. You do know it when you get hit if the shot is at close range, but beyond fifty feet and it is not worth much.. A pricey ($300) toy, but fun.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:03:14 AM EST
Thanks for the info. I have a real M4 type rifle so I was planing on getting the standard MP5 model by TM. I think thats as close as I'll ever get to an MP5 with the regular barrel! LOL
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:12:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:18:57 AM EST
Thats awsome [newbie] I just figured this out! I thought you guys were just special! [heavy][shock][naughty][nana] [lolabove]
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