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Posted: 3/14/2005 6:53:46 AM EST
I'm ashamed to admit, but yes I do have a few liberal friends.  A also have a BAD case of BRD, and I am in the process of building my first AR.  A couple of times, a few friends, who do not have BRD, saw some of my parts collecting for my first build.  Their reaction is "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?!?!?!?!"  Or, "WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU NEED A LASER FOR?!?!?!?!"  Etc, Etc, Etc...

I'm not the quick-wittiest person around, but since I have a Yamaha YZF-R6, my response to these questions has been "I don't NEED a 170 mph sport-bike either, but it sure is fun to ride and just look at it and fondle in my garage."  The only problem with that line is that I indeed break the law everytime I twist the throttle on my bike.  But I certainly don't intend to break the law with my AR.

Their general first thoughts are that you are obviously planning on going postal some time in the near future.

I get a kick out of their reactions, but I was wondering if ya'll had any better comebacks or one-liners to tell your friends when they get shocked out of their minds to see such a hideous weapon?

Lay 'em on me!
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Link Posted: 3/14/2005 7:00:59 AM EST
Off-Topic.  Try General Discussion.
Link Posted: 3/14/2005 7:03:07 AM EST
reply to first time poster
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Link Posted: 3/14/2005 7:03:36 AM EST
I had a friend who bragged of being "liberal."  I said, "Yes, liberal with my rights, and liberal with my money."
He never mentioned "liberal" again.
More specifically, ask him what percentage of violent crimes are committed with "assault rifles."  He probably will say he doesn't know, exactly.  Tell him he's correct:  It's such a small part of one percent that the FBI lumps such crimes into oddball categories like hatchets or crossbows.
I also will tell such an individual that it's none of his business - any more than his sex habits are my business.  That really shuts him up.
Link Posted: 3/14/2005 7:03:45 AM EST
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