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Posted: 10/6/2004 3:57:27 PM EDT
hey everyone, im new to the AR's. Im gettin me one in a couple of months. Should i get the flat top or the carry handle? pros and cons? and what do i do for iron sights with the flat top. i do want an electronic optic, but as we all know. never rely on technology alone!! especially batteries!! I am looking at pics from Iraq and i see a lot of flat tops, but i dont see the backup irons, am i missing something? the military cant be relying on batteries for a service rifle can it?
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:02:51 PM EDT
Definitely get the flat top. You can always use a detachable carry handle and have iron sights just like the A2 uppers. Then when you get (AND YOU WILL) an optic, it will be easily attached and sit closer to the bore where it should be.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:11:40 PM EDT
Go with flat top many more options, for mountings.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:15:38 PM EDT
for overall versitility, A3 flatop

but i like the simplicity of the A2
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:17:23 PM EDT

Build or by a flat top AR now and later get an A2 to keep it company.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:26:11 PM EDT
I'd have to go with the flat top as well. It just gives you sooooo many options.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 4:26:12 PM EDT
I bought my first AR several months ago w/carry handle. I regretted it and just purchased

a CMT flat top from here

for $88! The flat top will give you much more options, and may

even raise perceived value. There are no cons that I know of. If you're going to add optics in

the future...then this is a no-brainer - go flat top! As far as iron sights go, I just got an LMT

BUIS...expensive as hell at ~ $120, but a real beauty. There are much cheaper alternatives

that should work just as well if you want to save cash. IMHO, I would probably go with a fixed

BUIS and not the flip-up type. For optics...two great choices: Eotech and Aimpoint.

Both of these are battle proven and have good to great battery lives. If they do fail, you've got

your BUIS that co-witness. I hope this is of help, and welcome to the site!

Link Posted: 10/6/2004 5:05:23 PM EDT
A3 all the way. Much more versatile.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 5:36:59 PM EDT
A3. If you are getting only one AR or your first AR, a flat top is the way to go.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 7:47:39 PM EDT
Just put my flat top put together last week. Never going back. Much more flexible, and you can buy a carry handle to add later if you want the range adjustable A2 sights. Do the flat top.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 8:56:02 PM EDT
After you have 2 or 3 AR's with flatops then consider an A2. I think they are nice for smaller carbines where you probably won't need optics for long range use.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 9:07:56 PM EDT
I was (still am) a newbie to ARs....
You are wondering about BUIS or Backup Iron Sights. Many manufacturers, and you can mount them in conjunction with say a holo/red-dot sight... if batteries fail, the BUIS is there and ready.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 9:12:13 PM EDT
I like both, get one of each
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 9:30:30 PM EDT
I think the A3 configuration is more versatile. I run an Aimpoint on my Bushmaster flattop. I love it. I just bought a TA-11 for the same rifle. It's interesting to note that Trijicon says the TA-11(as well as the TA-31) is made to mount on a carry handle. They say it should not be mounted low for best performance. Thus the flexibility afforded by the A3. Run the Aimpoint or EOTech on the flattop. Run the ACOG on the removable carry handle. Good luck with your AR. See ya at Gunstock?
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 1:04:09 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/7/2004 1:06:55 AM EDT by DevL]
Dumb reason to suggest running an ACOG on a carry handle if you ask me. It works fine on the flat top and several versions are ment to be used that way. I say all ACOGs were meant to be in LaRue mounts on flat tops... that makes more sense than the silly Trijicon reccomendation. A TA11 on a removable carry handle is ridiculous IMO. Yes I have shot extensively with one and it not only makes the rifle top heavy its WAY too high.

Oh dont do the newbie thing and buy an A2 like I and so many others did... get a flat top. Get a 1/7 twist barrel too while your at it.
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 1:05:13 AM EDT
Flat top, why limit yourself.
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