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Posted: 4/17/2007 5:02:51 PM EST
I just received my order from AMMO4GUNS of 1000 rnds of Fiocchi.  The head stamp is G.F.L.

Is that a Fiocchi head stamp?

Before you tell me to search the forums, I can't. Everytime I click the search button I get an error screen.
Link Posted: 4/17/2007 5:17:01 PM EST
GFL = Guilio Fiocchi - Lecco (Italian ammunition headstamp)

The U.S manufactured stuff will be

Fiocchi USA .223 REM

Link Posted: 4/17/2007 5:21:12 PM EST
Thank you very much!
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 6:48:37 PM EST
post some pics of it, let us know how it shoots!!
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 5:13:44 AM EST
Please send feedback, this is the stuff I "might" be able to get. See Fiocchi thread above.
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 5:58:02 AM EST
Your pictures...

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