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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 5/23/2003 8:45:38 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/23/2003 11:31:16 AM EDT by thrushagent]
I thought I should do something special for my 100th post so here 'tis...
For those of you pursuing advanced degrees in arfology, these are the issues to look for the next time you see a stack of old copies of The American Rifleman at a gun show, gun shop, or used book store:
July '58 "Developments in .22 Service Rifles"
June '59 "The Armalite AR-15 Rifle"
May '62 "The Armalite AR-15 Rifle: a complete report on a .22 caliber rifle being offered for military service"
December '63 "AR-15 Procurement" ( the famous "one-time buy" )
November '64 "AR-15 Sporter" Data & Comment
April '64 "M14 and M16 Rifles" Data & Comment
August '66 "Additional M16 Military Rifles" Questions & Answers
March '67 "Marines Use M16" Questions & Answers
April '67 "Firing M16 Left Handed" Questions & Answers
May '67 "The M16 in Vietnam: a rifleman's report..."
October '67 "Civilians at small arms school discuss firing the M16 rifle"
September '67 "Identification of XM16E1 Rifle"
January '68 "What's ahead for the M16? An expert takes a look" "Snipers in Vietnam also need firepower"
February '68 "Is the M16 really here to stay?" ( Part 2 of the January article. All about the Ichord hearings and changes made. )
June '68 "M16 Rifles to be made by GM, H&R, Colt's"
November '68 "U.S. rifles get the job done in Vietnam"
January '69 "The M16 is a good rifle, says this veteran of 82 patrols"
March '70 "Vietnam vet confirms M16 training needed" "Water in M16 barrel"* Questions & Answers
December '70 "Fresh controversy hits M16"* "Technicians experiences with M16"*
May '71 "M16A1 rifle butt trap" Questions & Answers
October '71 "Perry's M16 shooters have their doubts"
January '71 "M16 maker defended in U.S. Senate"
May '72 "Army tests M16 for civilians"
July '74 "Accurizing the AR-15"* "Mastering the 'mousegun'"* "NBPRP examines course of for M16"
May '75 "Heavy match barrel enhances AR-15 accuracy"*
September '75 "M16 competition tips for civilian shooters"*
January '76 "Improved handguard cures AR-15 impact shift"*
October '76" "Shooting the M16 in competition"* "AR-15 brass deflector"
March '77 "AR-15 doubling" Questions & Answers
April '77 "Army investigates improved 5.56mm service ammunition" ( the XM777, a project that went nowhere )
July '77 "AR-15 port pressue" Question & Answers
February '78 "Ball Powder and the M16"
April '78 "Only Hits Count"
June '80 "AR-15 Sporter with Colllapsible Buttstock"
January '81 "New NATO 5.56 ammunition" Questions & Answers
October '81 "NATO's new rifle cartridge"
May '82 "The M16A1E1, next USMC rifle" "How does NATO's new 5.56 round measure up?"
June '84 "Colt delivers first M16A2s"
November '84 "Colt's AR-15 redefined" ( the debut of the R6500 "Sporter II" )

Articles with a * were collected in 1980 for a now out-of-print booklet,AR-15 M16, which also included an update of the 1964 Data & Comment review; an exploded view of an SP1; a Questions & Answers item about the M16A1 maintenance card I couldn't find; an article, "Practical range of small arms," that I also couldn't find; and an article, "Match loads for the AR-15", that I found beyond the scope of this list.

The list is as complete as I could make it, but my TAR collection has holes in it so a few things could have gotten away from me ( nothing major though ). I still wish I had found the Q&A item about ARVN soldiers making 38 round magazines from the top of an M16 mag and the lower part of one from an AK. Anyway, there's my list; I hope some of you will find it useful.

I'm all wore out. I think I'll go lie down.
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 9:11:43 AM EDT
thrushagent, that's a heck of a list !! (Wish someone had the same data from Small Arms Review back issues.) My thanks and your list has been printed and filed.
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 11:22:18 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 11:03:36 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/24/2003 11:06:16 AM EDT by thrushagent]
What really boggles the mind is how much fascinating stuff there is in those old [i]TARs[/i]. I could just as easily ( not that it was easy[:D]) have done ELDER LORE OF THE M14 but I'll leave that for someone else. What really made it doable is the fact that each December issue has an annual index of articles broken down by category; pick one up and scan it and chances are you'll find something you'd want to read. And the articles themselves often reference earlier articles, which is how I just learned of an item in the October '66 issue about the XM148 grenade launcher too late to put it in the list. I once owned all the issues in the list and thought I had them in a safe place only to find that the eldest of them got lost in moving or something [>(], thus I'm re building my own collection and making copies of the articles as I go. Anyone know of an online vendor of old magazines? All the ones I've found seem to have everything [i]but[/i] gun magazines.
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 2:29:50 PM EDT
Check out the June 2003 of TAR, American Military Arms Today.
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