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Posted: 9/8/2004 11:58:59 PM EDT
After reading FALARAK's kewl post on the PermaSilk-G refinishing I went ahead and did my own version of his guide, except I used Krylon.

Ok, so in this adventure. I started with some BEAT down old AR-15 magazines that were laying around the house and I was like "DOOD, these magazines are beat the faq up." So I did a bit of research and it appeared that the do it yourself-er had a few choices available to him/her. I decided to go with the Krylon try, as the grand total of the refinish job was about $8. So how does one go about such a task. Well, I will relate the steps I took, most based of a super kewl guide on www.AR15.com, except they used Teflon paint which I am assuming is better then Krylon.

1) First I disassembled the magazines (this is a freebie :p).

2) I took my belt sander and sanded all of the funky crap that was left of the original finish on the magazines. I realize that I should have taken a picture... But I didn't think it was going to turn out. So I didn't document that part.

3) I washed the magazines in Simple Green with a tooth brush and then rinsed them out.

4) I then stuck the magazines in the oven for 30 minuets at 300 degrees to dry out the water used to rinse them.

5) After being dryed; I hung them up with Zip Ties on my laundry line in my back yard.

6) I sprayed them with Krylon Gray Primer and then let them sit for the prescribed 2 hours.

7) I then sprayed the magazines with the colors I desired; in this case Olive Drab and Black.

8) After letting them sit for 24 hours (more like 12 hours, it was when I woke up :p), I put them in the oven for 30 minuets at 400 degrees to harden the paint.

9) I did the same process with the magazine bottom plates as well.

10) I cleaned the springs and replaced all the old school black followers with Magpul No Tilt followers.

11) Happy with myself I took pictures and then created this little web article to share my findings with the "Cult of the Black Rifle". Haven't taken them to the range yet, but I imagine they work better now with the Magpul followers then when they were beat up and had the black followers.

I hope this is informative. Also, you should perhaps try the Teflon paint as well; I didn't know where to get some and so I went this route at the local Ace Hardware.

- Gazukull

Results below!

Link Posted: 9/9/2004 5:26:58 PM EDT
Wow. you went thru alot of trouble. I just stuffed some newspaper in the follower to cover it and sprayed away. It has held up very well considering it took about 2 minutes to do.
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