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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 11/19/2008 10:00:51 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/19/2008 10:02:03 AM EST by Mancolt]
I'm sorry if this has been covered before.  I'm limited since I still haven't upgraded to a team membership.  My search didn't turn up anything specific to my question.

I'm looking for a sight, primarily for 25 to 100yd shooting at the range.  I don't use, and probably NEVER will, any night vision gear so I don't need the M2 or M3.  But I'm not sure which Aimpoint model to get.  I'd like to make this purchase soon, before the 10% off ebay code disappears and the 25% live cashback is taken down.

Like I said, I will only be using it at the range, and rarely if ever for anything over 100yds.  What are the differences between these 3 models, and which you would recommend for a gun that will probably only be used at the range?


ETA: 2 MOA or 4 MOA?  In the future, I might like to add a 3x magnifier with a Flip-to-side mount.  But I'm not 100% set on that yet, and it wouldn't be for awhile.
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 10:27:17 AM EST
C3 and ML3 come in 2 and 4 moa

the ML2 only comes in 4 moa.  i probably wouldnt get based on battery life being less than the above two

check out aimpoint website for complete descriptions.

for what you are needing, i would probably get the 2 moa C3.  least expensive option because you also need to get a good mount

you can also look at a less expensive alternative if you are just using it for range time.
you can get these and a good mount for about the same or less than an aimpoint
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 12:21:42 PM EST
Ya, the battery life is what I liked about the C3 and ML3 from my initial impressions.

What are the other primary differences between the two?  Do they use the same type of battery?  What makes the ML3 more expensive than the C3?

I'm literally at a toss up point right now.  I've got time to decide, but I really don't know which I like more.  $70 difference between the C3 and ML3 really isn't bad, but I'd like to know what Aimpoint gives you for that extra $70.
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 5:26:15 PM EST
Can someone just tell me if this statement is true:

"The Aimpoint CompC3  is the commercial version of the military CompML3.  The only difference is the C3 is submersible to 17' instead of 150'.  You save an additional $78. dollars by choosing the CompC3 over the CompML3." - part of the description for the CompC3 on SWFA's ebay ad.

Is that the ONLY difference between the 2?  Also, can the optional black rubber cover that comes with the ML3 be put on the CompC3?
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 6:05:13 PM EST
it is not the ONLY difference, but the main one.  did you look at the tech specs on aimpoint's website.  it will show all the mechanical differences.  temperature ranges, dimensions, etc

swfa is a site sponsor so deal confidently

get the C3, save the $78 and buy some ammo to shoot
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 6:18:00 PM EST
Originally Posted By Mancolt:
before the 10% off ebay code disappears

[>:/]  10% off code?

The C3 should be just fine for what you are looking for.

Link Posted: 11/19/2008 7:57:46 PM EST
Originally Posted By Gamma762:
Originally Posted By Mancolt:
before the 10% off ebay code disappears

[>:/]  10% off code?

The C3 should be just fine for what you are looking for.

Someone else posted it in the 25% live cashback thread, but I had an email from ebay sending it to me.  I'm not sure if the code will work if you don't have the email, but might as well try using it on your next purchase.  The code is: CHOLIDAYNOV2008

Thanks for the info guys.  I went ahead and ordered the CompC3 with a QRP mount from SWFA.  With shipping and my 10% ebay coupon, it came to $364. I will hopefully be getting $97 from the 25% live cashback (which is calculated before the 10%!) making the total for a new Aimpoint CompC3 and QRP mount just $267!
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 3:43:59 AM EST
I just received my C3 from SWFA along with the 25% live.com rebate.

I went 2moa at the recommendation of our local AimPoint representative. The unit is great. VERY NICE.

From rereading the specs, Aimpoint's sight indicates that the higher version have a hard ano finish, while the C does not.

The M versions are rated to a higher submersion than the C. No problem for me as I wasn't planning on diving more than 15m anyway.

Buy and enjoy with confidence.

Link Posted: 11/20/2008 7:24:59 AM EST
I'm still waiting for my 25% live rebate to show in my account.  I'm really hoping it does.  It was a still a good deal without the 25%, but that made it a GREAT deal!

I got the 2MOA one as well.  After looking at the detailed specs before purchasing, it seems to me that the biggest difference between the ML3 and the C3 are that the ML3 was designed to stand up to military type abuse.  Since mine will be for range use only and I plan to take good care of it, I think it will be ok.  I bought a rubber cover for my C3 to hopefully protect it a little bit, so we'll see if that fits.
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