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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/11/2003 3:51:47 AM EDT
Anyone know of a good, yet cheap practice round that shoots to the same point as the 147 gr Winchester Ranger? I think the listed muzzle velocity for this round from a 5" barrel is 990 fps. Currently I am using a small stash of the older, less effective SXT's as training/practice ammo while saving as much of the hard to come by Ranger ammo as I can. But I would like to locate some cheaper FMJ 147 gr ammo that would shoot to the same POI if I can find one. I checked into the 147 gr Federal American Eagle and it appears it's loaded 40-50 fps slower. What about the Speer Lawman line? Winchester make a 147 gr FMJ 9mm? Any other alternatives? It seems there are more choices for the 124-127 gr bullet styles. Even the +P loads are easy to simulate with NATO pressure 124 gr loads. Any recommedations for a good 147 gr load?


-Charging Handle
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 8:02:17 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/11/2003 8:15:21 AM EDT by urbankaos04]
I'm looking for the same thing, Charging_Handle. I decided to just go with the 147gr FMJ TRUN from Winchester. I picked up 750 rds from Natchez for about $120 or $130. I don't quite remember the price at the moment. Maybe you should just call Winchester and find out what the velocity is? I've noticed that you and I have asked A LOT of the same questions here and at TF...interesting. Hey, this is what I got off their website, but I know actual chrono results may differ: Handgun Ballistics Distance(yds):[b]Muzzle[/b](990fps)[b]50[/b](945fps)[b]100[/b](n/a) Distance (yds) [b]Muzzle[/b](320) [b]50[/b](292) [b]100[/b]na Energy (ft.lbs.)
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 8:06:12 AM EDT
Perhaps the inexpensive Win White Box "Personal Defense" ammo from Wal-Mart?
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 12:02:59 PM EDT
Urbankaos, Yes, it seems we are always seeking the same information, at the same time! And with frightening regularity too! LOL. It's funny how many times this has happened. I wasn't aware that Winchester made a 147 gr FMJ load, so that's probably the one I will choose. Being a TC it should feed well too and I would guess the velocities are close enough to the Ranger load as to not make a real difference. I'll pick up some and give it a try. -Charging Handle
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 4:15:45 PM EDT
Here's the information that I got for RA9T: Velocity ---------- Muzzle: 999fps---5yds: 985---25yds: 967 Energy ------- Muzzle: 320lbs---25yds: 305lbs Hope this helps. The nice UPS man just dropped off my shipment. Hopefully, I'll be able to test some this weekend. As it is with RA9T I shoot a bit to the left of center, but the CCW instructor stated that that was because of the trigger on my BHP (it's kinda stiff). He, on the other hand, was blasting nice double taps and one to the head on the targets! Guess it's me and the not the gun/ammo combo! I'm working on it, though... Take care, CH. --UK
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