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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/3/2005 8:40:57 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/26/2005 12:55:50 PM EST by VaniB]
I like the commando looks of the CAR style AR15, but desire the high accuracy of the 20" National Match A4 rifle. (I've got a 6721 and 6920 already)

I'm thinking of buying an RRA National Match A4 upper with the 20" stainless barrel, front post sight, and standard looking hand guards. I wondered how putting it with a Government carbine style lower with the collapsable stock might look. (??)

If anybody's got any kind of a standard standard A4 upper, (stainlesss barrel or blue) that they can attach their carbine lower onto to post a picture here to show me, I'd appreciate it.

I have a feeling, putting that loonnggg barrel and handguard upper, onto an itsy-bitsy carbine collapsable stock lower isn't going to look right, but figured one look here would be all it takes to know for sure if it'll be love at first sight, or more like that buck teethed girl I dated in 8th grade!
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 8:43:23 AM EST
Yeah buddy I'll go ahead and slap mine together and take a pic for you real quick... Gimme about 10 minutes.
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 8:54:33 AM EST
Here ya go.

Colt 20" upper on a Bushmaster Lower.


Link Posted: 12/3/2005 8:59:19 AM EST
I'll dig and see if I can find my better pics.

Link Posted: 12/3/2005 9:07:53 AM EST
Here's a few more.

I just got that Bushmaster M4A3 on Wednesday, and decided to slap it onto my Colt upper just for kicks and took pictures of it... Lucky you! (and me :-D )

Link Posted: 12/3/2005 9:07:56 AM EST
If you'll get a magpul stock, it will help greatly. Otherwise, off balance doesn't even begin to describe it. Thats if you go with a HBAR... A Gov't profile 20" is light enough to feel good on a collapsible stock
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 9:10:48 AM EST
I agree that it "does" feel off-balance... But for some reason, I kind of like it. Just something new to play around with.

I love the level feeling of the standard A2 stock with the 20" upper, but I like the off-set feeling too.

All kinds of bundles of joy! :-)
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 9:24:05 AM EST

Originally Posted By Stickman:
I'll dig and see if I can find my better pics.


Anyone else think that's funny? Stickman is saying "I'll see and find a better pic," as if there is something wrong with that one. I would crap my pants with glee if I could take a picture that nice.
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 9:30:15 AM EST
This is how the Canadians are issuing their C7s
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 10:28:10 AM EST
That's how I run mine. I'm only 5'6" so the standard stock is quite long and it was always a pain in the ass shooting, especially with coveralls or a coat on. Works like a charm. It is a little unbalanced, but it's not a Winchester 94, you'll get used to it.
Link Posted: 12/3/2005 10:42:38 AM EST
The regular telestock works great, I don't have any of my pictures posted at the moment. But as stated the MagPul M93B works better. The cheek weld can't be beat, and the weight helps with the balance.


partially open

Link Posted: 12/3/2005 10:51:02 AM EST
Not an A2 upper, but hopefully it will help you get the idea.

Link Posted: 12/3/2005 11:17:02 AM EST
Search around for the 20" pic thread. There were a few in there... I like the way it looks personally, but I know many don't.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:24:56 AM EST

Originally Posted By Covert8645:
Here ya go.

Colt 20" upper on a Bushmaster Lower.





Would it be possible to rehost the pics? Thanks
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:58:15 AM EST
Here is a pic of my old SP1 with an HBAR upper:

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 12:54:25 PM EST
I will be going with an A4 flat top instead of an A2.... so Lancelot's photo with the Larue base gives me a pretty good idea what it would look like. That magpul M93B sure would look better on whatever I choose too.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 1:24:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/26/2005 1:29:07 PM EST by nhsport]
Don't be afraid to try something because it looks somewhat odd (to some).
I have a 20" gov profile upper (lighter weight barrel under the handguards) that I use with my Ceiner in some rimfire plate shoots that a local club holds once a month. I find my messed up 52 year old eyes and progressive glasses work better on the 20" upper than a 16".
Last time this shoot came around it was cold as hell so I had a stack of clothes on and was afraid the regular buttstock would jam me up (this is a speed shoot) so I popped the 4 pos pre ban (I do live in the dumb state of CT !) on it. It did look kind of odd and some of the guys gave me a hard time about it but it had an ok ballance and I didn't get bound up like some of the other shooters.
Some guy brought his 7 year old kid who we propped up on the line and rigged it so he though he won. He couldn't get close to his dads 10/22 (he was real small) and wasn't doing a great job lineing up the sights so I popped off the carry handle and slapped on a red dot with the stock closed all the way up. We proped the kid up and told him to "put the red dot on the plate and pull the trigger" . The little squirt wacked the 5 plates with 6 shots and we all made a big deal about him winning and gave him a trophy that was an extra!
A great time was had by all !
Try your setup and if it works for you go with it !
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 1:34:49 PM EST

Originally Posted By mic214:
Here is a pic of my old SP1 with an HBAR upper:


Link Posted: 12/30/2005 8:15:46 AM EST
Finally had time to swap lowers, and had enough sun to take a fair picture.....

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