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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/25/2006 1:14:11 PM EST
I know the triggers suck but what about durability,dependability,and accuracy?I want to get one and have KKF do some custom work on it.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 2:23:21 PM EST
Just in case you didn't know, Bushmaster discontinued the M17S line.

I wish they hadn't as a shell make over could have fixed their sales problems. I always though it looked like one of those craptastic bull pup kits from the 80's that are some how still available today. If it would have had a flat optics rail, rails on the hadnguards, and been able to take AR grips, it probably would have been a hit.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 2:31:17 PM EST
Yeah they sent me an Email when they announced they were going to discontinue it.Having the handle removed and installing rails were the mods I had planned if I get one.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 2:48:12 PM EST
we are returning one with a broken action to bushmaster on tuesday. they get 2nd degree smokin hot at the cheek weld and well ... looks like the trigger group is unreliable.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 2:50:15 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/25/2006 2:50:58 PM EST by DK-Prof]
Here ya go - cut and pasted from a response of mine to a similar question a while ago:

The Busmaster M17S is a POTENTIALLY great rifle that was never properly developed by Bushmaster. They kind of gave up half-way, and just kept selling the occasional one. Unfortunately, it needs some work to make it a great rifle. So, to get a great rifle, you should expect to spend anywhere from $200 - $400 on modifications and optics. I really like the M17S, but I would NOT spend $700 for one. At most, I'd pay about $500, knowing how much I'd need to spend on mods.

In short, the pros and cons of the M17S are:

1. Very long barrel in very short package
2. Very good ergonomics (extremely well-balanced and easy to shoot)
3. Very solid receiver
4. Very reliable - with a piston gas system that requires little cleaning

1: The stock rail (and base) suck, and should be replaced
2. Needs optics of some kind
3. Trigger is not great (although is not really worse than most military triggers)
4. Some people need to get used to unfamiliar mag changes (not really a problem with the rifle, per se - just with peoples' habits and preferences)

Some people incorrectly claim that the M17S is "heavy" - but it is no heavier than a comparable AR. Since the barrel is 21.5" the correct comparison is an AR with a similar-length barrel, and an AR with a 20" barrel weighs about the same as an M17S. Since the rifle is shorter than a 14.5" AR, people often make the mistake of incorrectly comparing its weight to the shorter rifles. So technically, the M17S is actually slightly lighter than comparable ARs, even with its piston gas system.

Fortunately, Kurt Wala at KKF can do extensive mods if you have the time and money to spend. He has a variety of rail options for the top, better charging handle, and can tweak the trigger. He can also do more extensive custom modifications.

For the price, it is still the best deal in bullpups - and the only american factory-made bullpup I am aware of. With a few mods, it really is a great rifle (but, in it's stock configuration it deserves the hate).

ETA (in response to klintman's post): I've fired the M17S a lot, and while it gets quite hot on the front end of the receiver, it doesn't really get hot where you rest your cheek, in my experience. And I've had no problems with the trigger.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 3:14:18 PM EST
everything that DKPORF said I agree with especially:

a) the part about the trigger. It's not half as evil as it was made out to be before I got it. Keep the bar lubed well, and you get used to it easily.

b) it's simply unacceptable in stock form. KKF is well worth the funds and should be mandatory..

Link Posted: 3/25/2006 3:21:38 PM EST
Thanks for the input.Klintman,what broke,the FCG?
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